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Curd—Is the basis of cheese; the solid part of milk; used by confectioners in producing cheese cakes, blanc-manges, curds and whey, curd pudding, curd puffs, etc.

Curd Cakes.—Take a qunrt of curds, eight eggs, leaving out four whites; put in sugar, grated nutmeg, and a little flour; mix these well together, heat butter, in a fryingpan, drop them in, and fry like fritters.

Curds and Cream.—Put what quantity of milk you please into a pan, made rather warm, then add rennet. When the curd is come, lade it with a shape into unearthen pan, perforated, of any form you please. As tlie whey drains, till it up, without breaking or pressing the curd. If turned only two hours before it is wanted, it will he very light, but for those who like it harder, it should be made earlier, and squeezed. Cream, milk, or a whip of cream, sugar, wine, and lemon, should be put into the dish or into a glass bowl, to serve with the curd.

Cuno Pudding (Boiled).—Rub the curd of two gallons of milk, well drained, through a sieve; then mix with six eggs, a little cream, two spoonsful of orange-flower water, half a nutmeg grated, three spoonsful of flour, and three spoonsful of bread crumbs, half a pound of currants, and half a pound of raisins stoned. Let it boil for one hour, in a thick cloth well floured.

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