Curacoa or Curacao - Defined

Curacoa—Name of a liqueur made from bitter orange peel; in cookery is used as a flavoring to sweet sauces, creams, jellies, and blanc-manges.

CURACAO—This is a species of bitter or wild orange, of which the rind is dried, and may be had ut the druggists. To make the liqueur called by this name, wash a pound of curuçao several times in warm water; then, having well drained.

Put them into a vessel with four quarts of Brandy, and one of water; let it stand closely covered for a fortnight, shaking it frequently; distil it after that in the usual way, and drain the Curasao on a sieve. Sweeten it with five and a half pounds of sugar, dissolved in three pints of water, mix it with the spirit and then filter it.

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