Cucumbers - Defined, Varieties and Recipes

Cucumbers—Are a vegetable fruit that is favorably received by the majority of guests, eaten plain with a seasoning of salt, pepper, and a little grated onion to offset the bilious effects.

CREAMED CUCUMBERS — Peeled, cut in slices X inch thick, steamed for a few minutes, then put into a Béchamel sauce, simmered till done; served either as a garnish or vegetable.

GLAZED CUCUMBERS ON TOAST—Peeled, cut in slices inch thick, boiled till tender in salted water, taken up and drained, then dipped in hot glaze; served overlapping each other on a slice of buttered toast.

FRICASSEE OF CUCUMBERS—Peeled, cut lengthwise in finger lengths, then simmered in clear broth with a little sugar till tender, taken up and drained, then placed into Hollandaise sauce sharp with either lemon juice or white wine vinegar, to which has been added a seasoning of Worcestershire sauce.

BLANQUETTE OF CUCUMBERS—Peeled, cut in slices 3 inch thick; steamed; then placed in a rich Vélouté sauce, simmered; served in the centre of a border of green peas.

STUFFED CUCUMBERS WITH FORCEMEAT—Peeled, cut in slices an inch thick, cored, steamed, dipped into Vélouté sauce, arranged on hot toast, the tops sprinkled with parsley dust, the holes then filled from a forcing bag and tube with a rich forcemeat of whatever is on hand.

CURRIED CUCUMBERS—Cucumbers peeled and cored, cut into two-inch lengths, stuffed with mutton forcemeat, rolled in flour, quickly fried in butter, then arranged in a sautoir, covered with curry sauce, simmered till tender; served with grains of boiled rice.

FRIED CUCUMBERS WITH MARROW—Cucumbers peeled and cored; marrow bones sawn into two-inch lengths and the marrow removed; cucumbers cut into two-inch lengths; both are then steamed for a few minutes, marrow then rolled into minced chives, chervil, tarragon and shallots, and inserted into the cucumber, which is then breaded and fried; served with cucumber sauce.

Purée OF CUCUMBERS—Cucumbers peeled, then parboiled in boiling salted water, taken up and drained, seasoned with salt and pepper, rolled in flour, simmered in clarified butter, little more flour added to form a roux, moistened with boiling milk, boiled up, the whole then passed through a purée sieve; if to be used for soup, it is thinned to the desired consistency with equal parts of white stock and milk, and seasoned with nutmeg and sugar.

CUCUMBER SALAD—Sliced cucumbers steeped in salted water and ice for an hour, then drained, dished up alternately with slices of pickled beet and quartered hard boiled eggs, dressed with oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.

CUCUMBER AND ONION SALAD—Sliced cucumbers steeped in salted ice water for an hour, a few spring onions also sliced; cucumbers drained, then mixed with the onions; served with salad cream dressing.

CUCUMBERS, FRENCH STYLE—Slice the cucumbers very thin, steep them in salted water for several hours, then drain and mix with French dressing containing some chopped tarragon; serve on a crisp leaf of lettuce.

CUCUMBER KETCHUP—Large cucumbers peeled and cored, then grated; to each gallon of pulp after being drained, is mixed half a gallon of cider vinegar, two teaspoonfuls of red pepper, eight teaspoonfuls of salt, and one pint of fresh grated horseradish; when thoroughly incorporated it is bottled and sealed.

PICKLED CUCUMBERS—Small pickling cucumbers select and firm, well washed and wiped; take 400 of them and put them in crocks; make a boiling brine strong enough to float a potato the size of an egg, pour it over them at boiling point and let them stand for 24 hours, then remove, wipe, and put into clean crocks and cover with hot vinegar spiced with cloves, mace, onion, and a g pound of mustard seed.

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