Croutons - Defined

Croutons—As the word is used in a culinary sense, are pieces of bread cut in the size and shape of dice, fried in hot fat, or browned in the oven, to serve with soup; or slices of bread cut into block forms and fried, used to support small birds, etc.; or slices of bread cut into fancy shapes and fried, then used to garnish hashes, minces, etcl; also used in connection with shapes cut or stamped out of aspic jelly used to garnish salads and cold decorated foods.

Crohtons (Duchess Crusts). Cut stale bread in one-tliird inch slices and remove crusts. Spread thinly with butter. Cut slices in one-third inch cubes, put in pan and bake until delicately brown, or fry in deep fat.

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