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Croustades— Are hollow crusts made with bread, pastry, or a mixture of flour, eggs and watergrain; they are used as receptacles for savories and sweets, such as oysters, oyster crabs, lobster, frogs, terrapin, sweetbreads, lamb, chicken livers, fresh mushrooms, all kinds of garnitures, macédoine of vegetables, green peas; also sherbets, frozen punches, whipped cream, ice cream forms, fruit and wine jellies, etc.

With little trouble and but limited demands upon one's time a croustade will yield a delicious and attractive entree. Take a loaf of bread about three days old with good, firm, well-browned crust on all sides. Cut off the top crust evenly, remove all the soft interior portions of the bread, leaving a sort of box with side walls and a bottom crust of about at least a quarter of an inch in thickness.

Spread the entire inside lightly with butter and place the loaf in a hot oven until the interior becomes crisp and well browned but not burnt. A good portion of the bread removed from the inside may also be crumbed and put into the oven to brown slightly. A filling is to be made similar to that used for lobster, oyster or chicken patties and put into the croustade with alternate light sprinklings of the browned bread-crumbs, and when nearly filled with the mixture, a covering of the remainder of the bread crumbs is added in a mound, dotted with small bits of butter, and put back in the oven to bake slowly for half an hour before being served. Sprays of parsley sprinkled over the top of the browned croustade, with the dish in which it is to be placed garnished with lemon point; and parsley, will give an effective finish.

A lobster croustade may be placed in a bed of lettuce leaves with a lobster claw here and there among them.

Individual croustades may be made of shapely breakfast rolls or thickly cut slices of bread scooped out in the center, buttered and browned as above directed.

A delicious and seasonable crousade may be made of Little Neck clams, the filling to be made on lines directed for creamed oysters, except that the clams may first be put on to steam in tbtir shells. When these open, the clams may be put into the croustade with the filling.

'A portion of the liquor is to be used in making the sauce, which is to be seasoned with onion juice and minced parsley in addition to a little salt and paprika,

Shrimps and lobster may be used in combination in croustades.

Croustades may be made of rice cooked very dry and browned in the own in individual portions with an open center space. Kidney Sauté and Madeira sauce will provide an epicurean accompaniment

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