Crescent Rolls

Make a sponge of two cups of scalded milk, cooled, one yeast cake, softened in one-half a cup of lukewarm water, and about three cups of flour; beat thoroughly: cover, and set aside until light; then add two tablespoonfuls of sugar, one teaspoonful of salt, one-half a cup of butter and flour to knead. Knead about ten minutes; let rise until doubled in bulk.

Roll out in a sheet one-eighth an inch thick, and cut into strips about seven inches wide; cut these into sharp pointed triangles, then commencing at the base, roll them up, bring the ends toward each other, keeping the point in the middle of the roll to give the shape of a crescent.

Place on baking tins some distance apart; when light brush the tops with warm water and bake twenty minutes, then brush over with yolk of egg, beaten with two tablespoonfuls of milk, and return to the oven to brown.

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