Crepes - Defined

Crepes--The French word for a kind of pancake, much used on festival occasions by the Latin race.

History and Vintage Recipe

Crepes Cotes D’Azur

THE Riviera, that far-famed land of delight, gives us more than flowers and sunshine, carnivals and pleasure palaces. for it is here that we go to seek the delicious fruits used in the making of Crepes Côte d'Azur.

A great admirer of Vatcl's has said that, in order to be perfect, a man should be a gourmet. And as such. I render homage to this admirer of my master's and ancestor's.

But alas, how many unforeseen things have happened since that happy century when every meal was a feast! Since prohibition has gone into effect.

I no longer believe in the perfection of man. or at least. I doubt that there exists a perfect gourmet. The glass of Curaçao or of Cognac which I must mention in the billowing recipe, many. alas, will have to do without.

To return to the Riviera: take six oranges and six mandarins picked, when they are thoroughly ripe, between the Cap d'Antibes and Monte Carlo, that part of the Riviera where we also find Nice, the pearl of these enchanting places.

A little farther on, Mentone will offer us its golden lemons; two of them will suffice. Take all these fruits; remove the peel; chop it fine with four and one-half ounces of powdered sugar.

To complete the mixture, we shall have to climb to Grasse, that town immortalized by the perfumes which it distils from all its flowers. Here we can obtain orange-flower water, honey, and apricot preserves.

By means of these ingredients, we shall be able to add a delicate savor to those pancakes worthy of our ancestors, called Crepes Cote d'Azur. To the chopped orange, mandarin, and lemon peel, add an equal amount of apricot preserves, fresh butter (about half the quantity of the apricot preserves). the same amount of honey and a glass of Curaçao or brandy.

The pancakes are made in the following way: two whole eggs, one yolk of egg. a pinch of salt, and a larger one of sugar, a liqueur- glassful of orange-flower water. Mix it all well, while adding about a pint of milk and an ounce of melted butter.

With this mixture, make very thin crepes, using a small frying-pan. When you have a sufficient quantity, place, in the center of each one, a teaspoonful of the fruit mixture which distinguishes this delicious dessert from all others.

Roll the crepes so that the mixture cannot run out. Place them in a row on a long platter and sprinkle with fine sugar. Place them under the gas flame in a hot oven, and when the plate is very hot and the crepes slightly golden brown, hurry to the mistress of the house and beg her for another glass of Curaçao or brandy. Pour it over the crepes, set fire to it and serve.

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