Crecy - Defined

Crecy—The name of a French city, celebrated for its carrots grown in the neighborhood. A soup is named after it, hence we have " Purée Crècy" which is purée of carrots.

Potage à la Crecy.—Take six large carrots, four turnips, six onions, three beads of celery, four leeks, cut them in pieces, and put them into a saucepan with some butter and a lump of sugar; give them a few turns over the fire, and then moisten them with stock, in which let them simmer for two hours, rub the vegetables through a tammy cloth, add a little pepper, salt, and sugar, clarify your Purée, which may not be too thick; soak your bread, as usual, in rich stock; pour the potage into the tureen, und serve it.

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