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CONSOMMÉ NAPOLITAINE—A game flavored consommé to which is added Madéira wine, served with small cut and washed macaroni, cooked celery cut in small squares, and small croutons of toast.

CONSOMMÉ NAUDIER -A rich chicken flavored consommé served with small quenelles of chicken forcemeat of different colors; to make which, take some chicken forcemeat and divide it into four parts; into the first work some finely chopped truffle peelings; the second finely minced red tongue; the third, chopped parsley; the fourth, minced yolks of hard boiled eggs.


  • Have ready one quart of game consommé, prepared with hazel-hen fumet. Poach two baba-molds of royale made from  chestnut purée with two small tablespoons of game salmis sauce added thereto; cut it into roundels half-inch thick, and trim these with a grooved fancy-cutter.
  • Put them into the soup-tureen with two tablespoons of a julienne of hazel-hen fillets, the same quantity of a julienne of mushrooms, and pour thereon the boiling game consommé.


  • The nests used for this soup are those of the esculent swallow, and their shape somewhat resembles that of the rind of a quartered, dry orange.
  • In the first place, prepare a chicken consommé containing a large proportion of nutritious principles. Set three nests to soak in cold water for twenty-four hours, the object being to swell the mucilaginous elements of which they are composed and to make them transparent.
  • When they have soaked sufficiently remove any pieces of feather which may have remained in them, using for this purpose the point of a needle, and, when the nests are quite clean, drain them and put them into the consommé.
  • At this stage, set the consommé to boil, gently, for thirty or thirty-five minutes without interruption.
  • During this time the gummy portions of the nests will melt into the consommé, giving the latter its characteristic viscidity, and there will only remain visible those portions which, in the natural state, constitute the framework of the nests; that is to say, little threads not unlike superfine transparent vermicelli.

CONSOMMÉ NIVERNAISE — A plain consommé flavored with sherry wine; served with small quenelles of veal, together with fancy Italian paste, and a Macédoine of vegetables.

CONSOMMÉ NILSSON—A rich chicken flavored consommé served with small quenelles of chicken forcemeat in three color! shape of a pencil, an inch long; to make which, divide the forcemeat into three parts, leave one plain, color the others red and green respectively.

CONSOMME WITH NOODLES—A rich thicken flavored consommé served with finely shred noodles.


  • This consommé was introduced in honor of the illustrious singer, Adelina Patti.
  • It consists of a chicken consommé, which should be made as perfect as possible, and a garnish composed of the poached eggs of small birds.


  • Prepare one quart of excellent ordinary consommé, and add thereto, when about to serve and away from the fire, one-quarter pint of port wine.
  • Also cut into a fine julienne the quarter of a small celeriac, the white of a leek, and the red part only of a small carrot.
  • Stew this julienne in butter and complete its cooking in consommé, reducing the latter to a glaze.
  • When about to serve put this julienne in a soup tureen, add a few tablespoons of a julienne of salted gherkins, and pour thereon the consommé with port.

CONSOMMÉ ORGE—A plain consommé served with pearl barley, breast of cooked chicken cut in squares, carrots and turnips cut into small squares.


  • Lay on a buttered tray ten small quenelles of ordinary chicken forcemeat, ten others of chicken forcemeat combined with a very red tomato purée, and ten more of the same forcemeat, combined with a purée of spinach, all the quenelles being grooved.
  • Ten minutes before serving poach these quenelles, drain them, put them in the soup-tureen, and pour therein one quart of chicken consommé thickened with three tablespoons of poached tapioca strained through linen. Add a pinch of  parsley


  • Prepare one quart of very clear chicken consommé, also make fifteen small quenelles of pigeon forcemeat molded to the shape of eggs by means of a very small spoon, and poach the yolks of ten eggs, taking care to keep them very soft.
  • Put the quenelles and the poached yolks into the soup-tureen with a julienne of three fillets of pigeon and a tablespoonful of asparagus-heads, and pour thereon the boiling consommé.
  • Serve at once.

CONSOMMÉ PALESTINE—A chicken flavored consommé served with dry boiled rice, and thin slices of stewed Jerusalem artichokes.


  • Have one quart of chicken consommé ready.
  • For the garnish prepare two dariole-molds of royale made from a purée of ordinary julienne, a small macédoine of vegetables, comprising one heaped tablespoon each of carrots and turnips divided up by means of a small grooved spoon and cooked in the usual way, one tablespoon of small peas, the same quantity of fine French  beans cut into lozenges, and one tablespoon of asparagus-heads.
  • Cut the royale into regular roundels; put these in the soup tureen with the macédoine of vegetables, and, when about to serve, pour thereon the boiling chicken consommé. Add a pinch of fine parsley

Consommé served with Parmesan Pâté a Chou(**)
Parmesan Pâté au Chou
2 ½ tablespoons milk – 1/2 teaspoon lard -  ½ teaspoon butter – 1/8 teaspoon salt – ¼ cup flour - 1 Egg – 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese.

Heat butter, lard, and milk, to boiling point, add flour and salt, and stir vigorously. Remove from fire, add egg unbeaten, and Parmesan cheese and stir until well mixed.

Cool, and drop small pieces from tip of teaspoon into hot oil and fry until brown and crisp. Drain fat and serve.

CONSOMMÉ PAYSANNE—A vegetable flavored consommé served with a jardiniere of vegetables, shred cabbage and lettuce.

CONSOMMÉ WITH PEAS-A vegetable flavored consommé served with green peas, together with black peas scooped out of truffles.


  • For Ten People.—Prepare a consommé in a special earthen ware stock-pot with the following quantities, viz., two lbs. of lean beef and as much breast of beef, one marrow-bone tied in a muslin-bag, and the necks, the pinions, and the gizzards of six large fowls, these giblets being inserted in the stew pan one hour before dishing up.
  • Moisten with three and one-half quarts of water and add three-quarters of an oz. of salt. Set to boil, skim as indicated, and cook gently with the view of obtaining a very clear broth.
  • One hour before serving add six oz. of carrots and the same quantity of turnips, both cut to the shape of large olives, five oz. of the white of leeks, and a heart of celery.
  • Cook a quarter of a very white, properly blanched cabbage, separately, in a saucepan with a little consommé and some stock grease.
  • When about to serve test the seasoning of the consommé, which latter should be very clear; thoroughly clean the stew pan, which may even be covered with a clean napkin;
  • Withdraw the marrow-bone; take it out of its muslin-bag, and send it and the cabbage to the table separately, accompanied by a plate of small pieces of hot toast for the marrow.

CONSOMMÉ POISSON — A plain consommé slightly flavored with fish stock, seasoned with sherry wine; served with green peas, dry boiled rice and small quenelles of lobster.

CONSOMMÉ PRINCESSE—A rich chicken flavored consommé served with green peas, asparagus tips, pearl barley, diced chicken breast, and forcemeat quenelles.

CONSOMMÉ PRINTANIERE — A vegetable flavored consommé served with plenty of green peas, asparagus tips, and other spring vegetables cut small.


  • Have ready one quart of chicken consommé, also cut one carrot and one turnip into roundels one-half inch thick.
  • With a tubular cutter one-eighth inch in diameter, cut these roundels into little rods, making a sufficient number to fill one tablespoon with each vegetable.
  • Cook these little rods in consommé, and reduce the latter to a glaze.
  • Put the carrot and turnip rods into the soup-tureen with one tablespoonful of small peas, the same quantity of small French beans and asparagus-heads, the former cut into lozenges, ten roundels of sorrel leaves, and as many of lettuce leaves, the latter being poached in some consommé.
  • When about to serve pour the boiling consommé over these garnishes and add a large pinch of parsley
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