Conde - Defined

Conde—pronounced KONDAY—Term applied to a dish of stewed apricots served with rice; also to a soup of purée of red haricot beans, which dishes it is said the " Prince of Conde" originated.

Vintage Recipes


Prepare the rice custard. Batter and sugar the molds, and place in the bottom of each mold half of a tender peach, fresh or preserved, and fill with the rice custard. Bake in water till the custard is done. Turn out of the mold so the fruit appears on the top of the pudding when served. Serve with a nice peach sauce.

APRICOTS are served with rice in the same manner.

PEARS should be served in an oval mold.


Roll out puff paste to one-eighth of an inch thick, cut in scalloped rounds. Wet the edge of half of the rounds and fill center with a soft macaroon paste.

Place the other rounds on top of the almond paste and press down the sides with the back of a smaller cutter. Make a cross incision on top. Egg wash and bake to a nice color.

Apricots à la Condé

Stew your apricots in clarified sugar, place round a hot croustade of rice, garnish with dried cherries and strips of angelica, and cover with a syrup made of apricot marmalade and Madeira. Serve very hot.

Apricots à la Condi

Put one half pound of Carolina rice into a saucepan, with enough cold water to cover it, let it come to a boil, then strain, and wash In cold water, and put it back into the saucepan, adding a little finely cut lemon-peel or one half stick of split vanilla-pod, one and one half pints of new milk, two ounces of castor-sugar and one ounce of fresh butter.

When it comes to a boil, cover over with a piece of buttered paper cut to fit the pan; let it simmer gently without being stirred until it has nearly absorbed all of the milk, then add another fourth of a pint of milk.

When the rice is quite cooked and all the grains are separate, have a wide round border-mold well buttered, and press the rice well down into the shape.

Have a sauté-pan with about one pint of boiling water in it, and stand the border in it, then place it in the oven for about fifteen minutes; when the rice is dry at the top, turn it out onto the dish it is to be served on.

Have a hot compote of apricots ready, and place them neatly on top of the rice.

Garnish between the halves of the apricots with shreds of un-crystallized cherries and narrow strips of un-crystallized angelica that is cut into lengths of two and one half to three inches.

Place the angelica around the edge of the rice, and serve apricot sauce around the base of the dish, and use for a hot sweet.

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