Cocoa - Defined

Cocoa—Name of a bean obtained from the cocoa tree, from which is manufactured the cocoa of commerce; used in cookery as a breakfast and supper beverage; also the expressed oil of the nut is used as cocoa butter, chiefly by confectioners.

COCOA Nut Sweetmeat—Cut the nut out of the shell, pare it carefully, and throw it into cold water, then grate it, and boil it in clarified sugar, (a pound to each pound of the cocoa nut) until quite thick; stir it frequently to prevent its burning. Then pour it on a well buttered dish or marble slab, and cut it into whatever forms you think proper.

Another way.—Proceed as above, but do not boil the sugar so thick by a great deal; then stir into it whilst hot the yolks of six eggs; this must be served in jelly-glasses.

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