Cochineal - Defined

Cochineal. — Name of an insect obtained chiefly from the shores of PHONOECIA; used in cookery as a red coloring. For recipe see "Carmine".

COCHINEAL (Prepared).—Pound an ounce of cochineal to » rery fine powder, pound also an ounce of cream of tartar, and two drachma of alum; put these ingredients into a saucepan with half a pint of water; when it boils, take it from the fire and let it cool; pour it off into a bottle, as free from sediment as possible, and set it by for use.

Cochineal (topreserve).—Boil an ounce, of cochineal, beaten to a fine powder, in three quarters of a pint of water until reduced to half; then add to it rock alum and cream of tartar, of each half an ounce, pounded fine. Boil all together a short time, and strain it. If to be kept any time, an ounce of loaf sugar should be boiled with it.

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