Citron Defined and Recipe

Citron—A large fruit of the lemon species, the peel is blanched, then boiled in syrup and subsequently dried; used in cakes, puddings, ices, jellies, cordials, liqueurs, etc.

CITRON CAKE—One pound each of butter and sugar creamed together, ten eggs then worked in one at a time, than a wine glass of brandy, one pound of sifted flour, and half a pound of shredded citron.

CITRON (Candied).—Pure the citrons very thin and narrow, and throw thorn into water; these are called twiggs; then cut the citron into slices of anr thickness you think proper; take out the inner part with great care, so as to leave only the white ring, and put them with the twiggs into boiling water; when tender, drain them. Boil a sufficient quantity of clarified sugar to soufflé; then put in the rings, and boil them together. Take it from the fire, and wbpn a little cool, rub the sugar against the side of the preserving-pan with the back of a spoon; as soon as it becomes white, take out the rings with a fork very carefully, one by one, and lay them on a wire grate to drain : boil and proceed with the twiggs in a similur way; when taken out, cut them into proper lengths with a pair of scissars, and lay them also on the wire to drain.

Citron Cream.—Boil a pint of cream with half an ounce of isinglass, a little cinnamon and lemon peel, and a bay leaf; when the isinglass is dissolved, strain the cream into a deep dish; cut citron into thin slices, and put them in when the cream is nearly cold; take caro the citron does not fall to the bottom, though the cream should cover it. Serve it quite cold.

Citron Paste.—Cut off the ends of the citrons, take out the middle, with all the seeds; boil them in some water; and when quite tender, take them from the fire, and throw them into cold water for a moment; then, having pressed them in a cloth to get the water out, pound and sift them; to every quarter of a pound of this marmalade put half a pound of clarified sugar; simmer them together, stirring constantly until well mixed; then put them into moulds and place them in a stove to dry.

Citron Pudding.—Mix together a pint of cream and the yolks of six eggs; add to this four ounces of fine sugar, the same of citron, shred fine, two spoonsful of flour, and a little nutmeg; place this mixture in a deep dish, bake it in a hot oven, and turn it out.

Citron (Syrup of).—Put into a china bowl alternate layers of fine powder sugar, and citron, pared, and cut in very thin slices, and let them stand till the next day; then strain off the syrup, and clarify it orer a gentle fire.

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