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Cisco Defined and Recipes

Cisco—One of the small fish of the lakes, resembling in size and appearance the fresh water herring.

FILLETS OF CISCO IN BATTER—The fish scaled and filleted free from bone, seasoned with salt and pepper, dipped into a thin batter, fried; served with or without tomato sauce and garnished with parsley and lemon.

BROILED CISCO, LEMON PARSLEY SAUCE—The fish scaled, drawn, washed, wiped and the sides scored, seasoned with salt and pepper, rolled in olive oil, then in flour, broiled and basted till done; served with maitre d'hôtel butter poured over, and garnished with lemon and chip potatoes.

CISCO SAUTE, JULIENNE POTATOES—Prepared as in the preceding recipe, rolled in flour, slowly fried a delicate brown with butter, served with some of the butter over it, garnished with Julienne potatoes, lemon and parsley.

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