Chow Chow Recipe

Chow Chow—One gallon each of cut stringless beans, very small white onions, green gherkins and flowerets of cauliflower, two pounds of dry mustard, two gallons of white wine vinegar, two ounces each of turmeric and mustard seed, two pounds of sugar and one pint of olive oil. The cauliflower, beans and onions boiled separately till tender, the gherkins soaked in strong salted water for one day, then mixed together and filled into crocks; the vinegar brought to the boil, mustard and turmeric mixed and moistened with a little vinegar, then stirred into the boiling vinegar; when it begins to thicken, the mustard seed, sugar and oil are stirred in, poured boiling hot over the vegetables in the crocks, then put away for use.

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