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Chocolate — A wholesome, nutritive flesh forming article of food, greatly used in confectionery, icings, cakes, etc.; when served as a drink it is made into a paste with milk, then boiling milk added to the consistency of thin cream, allowed to simmer for a few minutes before serving.

CHOCOLATE BLANC-MANGE — Milk and sugar brought to the boil in two separate sauce-. pans, then corn starch mixed with milk beaten into both, one to be flavored with vanilla, the other to have melted chocolate and a little butter beaten into it, molds dipped into cold water, the chocolate mixture poured in half way up, then the vanilla used to fill with, set to cool, turned out, served with sweetened and vanilla flavored cream.

CHOCOLATE CREAM FRITTERS—The chocolate part of the preceding recipe made a little stiffer than for blanc-mange, turned into shallow pans, allowed to set till firm and cold, then cut into shapes, double breaded and fried, served dusted with powdered sugar and with apricot marmalade or sauce poured around.

CHOCOLATE CAKE—One pound each of butter, powdered sugar and grated chocolate, sugar and butter creamed together, chocolate dissolved in a pint of milk, then worked into the cream with eight yolks of eggs, three-quarters of a pound of flour and two teaspoonfuls of baking powder and the whipped whites of eight eggs then lightly stirred in, poured into buttered and papered pans, slowly baked till done, about one hour.

CHOCOLATE CREAM—Three pints of double cream whipped stiff, to which is then added sugar to taste, one ounce of gelatine, juice of a lemon, and half a pound of melted chocolate, poured into molds, and set on ice; the tops of molds may be decorated before pouring in the cream.

CH0COLATE ICE CREAM — Pure cream sugared to taste, half a pound of chocolate to the gallon, the chocolate dissolved and mixed into some LUKEWARM cream, then strained into the sweetened cream, flavored slightly with vanilla, strained into a freezer and frozen.

CHOCOLATE CUP CUSTARDS—Two quarts of milk, four ounces of chocolate and one pound of sugar mixed and brought to the boil, six yolks of eggs and two ounces of corn starch worked together with a little milk, the boiling mixture stirred into it, put back on the range and stirred till it just thickens, then flavored with vanilla, poured through a conical strainer into cups; when all filled, the cups arranged into a baking pan containing a little water baked slowly till done, served cold with cream poured around.

CHOCOLATE ICING — One pound of sifted sugar (powdered) and six whites of eggs thoroughly beaten till stiff, then flavored with vanilla and four ounces of melted chocolate.

CHOCOLATE PUDDING—Same mixture as given for "Chocolate Cup Custards" baked in a pan, served cold with whipped cream, or sweetened and flavored plain cream.

CHOCOLATE PUDDING RECIPE—One pound each of butter and sugar creamed together, ten egges worked into the cream one at a time, fourteen ounces of sifted flour and two ounces of grated chocolate then lightly stirred in, flavored with vanilla, poured into buttered molds, steamed till done, served hot with sauce.

CHOCOLATE FLOAT—Small cold "Chocolate Cup Custards" turned out into deep sauce dish, surrounded with a piping of whipped cream the cream then decorated with colored win, jelly chopped fine.

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