Chives - Defined

Chives—A flavoring herb of the onion species, grows like the tops of spring onions, deep green in color and very strong in flavor; such dishes as "Civet of Rabbit", "Râgout of Hare", etc., are strongly impregnated with chives.

Growing Chives

No garden should be without its bunches of chives. As a flavoring for soups there is no superior, and when it is once started it is very easy to grow. As an edging for the flower bed it is most attractive, not only the leaves being a pretty addition but the flowers which come in the late spring are also very pretty.

Chives are best propagated by dividing the small bulbs. The plant rarely goes to seed, and saving seed is quite a challenging task. Almost any soil will grow chives, but a fairly rich soil containing plenty of nitrogen will produce wonderful results in leaves.

If the bulbs are left in the ground over winter, they will sprout in the spring, but they had better be taken up in the fall and stored in a dry place in the cellar.

Chives or Shallots

Chives (Allium Schoenoprasum), belong to the Onion family. They are very hardy Mule bulbs and are as easy to a row as anything can be. They are usually kept year after year on the name soil, and increased by pulling off the offsets.

Whether there is any market for them anywhere I am unable to say. as I have never heard of any demand for them In this country. Shallots, a similar vegetable, are In greater demand, especially in the South, and they are grown In the same way as Chives.

Shallots are sold In considerable quantities in the northern cities In early spring, bunched like green Onions, and are among the earliest products of the garden, for a single bulb planted in the fall will make a large bunch in the spring. I have grown Shallots but never had any demand for Chives.

Vintage Recipes

Chicken Sauté with Chives.Ingredients: One young fowl, a bunch of chives, three ounces of oil, three ounces of butter, gravy. Time required: Ten minutes to fry the joints of fowl.

A young fowl only is suitable for this dish and should be cut into six parts, or the legs only can be taken. Prepare the chicken and make it quite dry, and dredge lightly with flour, then wash thirty chives, cut them into thin rings, throw them into a bowl containing boiling water, let them lie for five minutes, drain them and spread them on a cloth.

Cook the chicken according to the directions given for Chicken. Sauté, and fry the chives separately in a small quantity of fat till they are yellow, not brown. Arrange the pieces of fowl on a dish, scatter the chives over them and serve.

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