Chestnuts - Defined and Recipes

Chestnuts—The large ones obtainable at most Italian stores are the best suited for culinary purposes, the small ones seen at the fruit stalls being far too tedious. They should be first cut through the shell in the form of a cross, so as to strip the shell off easily, then placed in a baking pan, put into a slack oven till done; or they may be boiled till done, and then husked. Some people like to eat boiled chestnuts, the water being flavored with aniseed; when husked, made hot again in a little melted butter.

CHESTNUT FORCEMEAT—Chestnuts boiled and husked, pounded to a paste with butter, mixed with a little grated ham, breadcrumbs, minced onion, grated lemon rind, yolks of eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper; used to stuff poultry and suckling pigs.

DEVILLED CHESTNUTS —Boiled, peeled, fried brown in butter oil, taken up and sprinkled with salt and red pepper.

Purée OF CHESTNUTS — Boiled, peeled, pounded, then rubbed through a fine sieve.

CHESTNUT SOUP—A thin cream of chicken stock thickened with a purée of chestnuts, seasoned and served.

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