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Charlotte Dessert—Is the name given to what might be called a shell of bread, cake, lady fingers. etc., cut to fit into a mold or pan, which is then filled with fruits, creams, custards, etc.

Charlotte Mold

Charlotte Mold

Sugar Dredger

Sugar Dredger

 Charlotte Dessert Recipes

Apple Charlotte

Peel and core 20 Ribston or Orange Blenheim Pippin apples; cut them in thin slices; put them in a sauté-pan, with some butter and pounded sugar, and toss them over the fire till they are done;

Line a plain round mold with bread, as follows: Cut some thin slices of crumb of bread; cut out a round, with a 1 ½ inch cutter, to put in the center; then cut some heart shaped pieces, and dip them in butter, together with the round piece; put the latter at the bottom of the mold, in the center; and place the heart-shaped pieces round it, overlapping one another, and with the points resting on the round piece;

Cut the remainder of the slices of bread into strips 1 ½   inch wide, and of the height of the mold; dip them in butter, and stand them all round the mold, also overlapping one another;

Fill the center with the cooked apples, and put the Charlotte in the oven until the bread is well colored;

Turn the Charlotte out of the mold on to a dish; glaze it over with some boiled apricot jam; and serve.

Pear Charlotte

Line a mold with bread as above;

Peel 15 pears; cut them in quarters, and cook them in a saute-pan, with some butter and vanilla sugar;

Fill the mold with the pears; put the Charlotte to color in the oven; turn it out and glaze it as above.

Charlotte à la Chateaubriand

Make 1 lb. of Neapolitan Cake Paste

Roll out part of it in two strips, 1/8-inch-thick and as wide as the height of the mold; put them on a square baking-sheet, and bake the paste in a slow oven;

When it is of a light golden color, take it out of the oven; trim the edges very smooth, and cut the strips across in pieces ¾ inch wide;

Roll out the remainder of the paste to the same thickness, and bake it in the same way; when of a light golden color, cut it out into rounds with a plain ¾ inch cutter;

Put a round of paper at the bottom of a Charlotte-mold;

Make some stiff Glace Royale with some white of egg and fine sugar, and with it stick the rounds of paste together at the bottom of the mold, overlapping one another, and in reversed circles;

When the bottom of the mold is covered in this way, put some of the Glace Royale in a paper funnel, and squeeze out some dots of it at intervals, between each circle of rounds of paste, so as to stick them together;

Put a little Glace Royale on one edge of each of the narrow strips of paste, and stick them together round the mold, overlapping one another, and being careful that the Glace Royale does not show outside;

Squeeze out a circle of Glace Royale inside the Charlotte, in the angle where the strips of paste join the rounds, so as to stick both together, and put the Charlotte in the hot-closet, to dry;

Put 10 yolks of egg in a stewpan, with ½ lb. of pounded sugar and 1 quart of boiled cream flavored with vanilla;

Stir over the fire until the egg begins to thicken; take it off the fire, and stir for three minutes more, and strain the whole through a silk sieve;

Cut in dice: 6 preserved pears, 5 preserved greengages, 5 preserved apricots, ¼ lb. of dried cherries;

Put all the above fruit in separate sugar-boilers, with some syrup flavored with Maraschino; boil up the syrup; let the fruit cool therein, and drain it;

Set a freezing-pot in the ice;

Put the cream in it, adding ½ gill of Maraschino, and 1 gill of Milk of Almonds;

Work the cream with the spatula, and, when it is partly frozen, mix in 1 pint of whipped cream; continue working until the cream is frozen, and add the prepared fruit; mix and fill an ice-mold small enough to go under the Charlotte, with the cream; close the mold,

Spread some butter on the opening so that no water may penetrate the cream; and imbed it in the ice for two hours; then turn the iced cream out of the mold on to a napkin on a dish, and cover it with the Charlotte, having previously glazed the latter with Apricot Jam, diluted with syrup.

Charlotte à la Sicilienne

Prepare a Charlotte as before; when it is quite cold, turn it out of the mold, and glaze it with a coating of thin Glace Royale, and strew over some coarsely chopped pistachios, and similar-sized pieces of lump sugar;

Put 1 lb. of chocolate in a stewpan, with 1 quart of cream, and stir over the fire until it is melted;

In another stewpan, put: 8 yolks of egg, and ½ lb. of pounded sugar; add the melted chocolate, and stir over the fire without boiling, till the egg begins to thicken; take off the fire; stir for three minutes more, and strain the whole through a silk sieve;

Put the cream in a freezing-pot set in the ice; work it with the spatula and add 1 pint of whipped cream; continue working until the cream is frozen; mold, and dish it as directed in the preceding recipe; place the Charlotte over the iced cream; and serve.

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