Charcoal - Defined

Charcoal—One of the kitchen essentials for good broiling, should be kept dry in a good cellar; often times bought by the load, the load presumed to contain so many bushels.

Charcoal is usually produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen (see pyrolysis, char and biochar). The resulting soft, brittle, lightweight, black, porous material resembles coal. Note that the current trade nomenclature for charcoal is "lump charcoal" and that products sold as "charcoal briquettes" are not actually charcoal, but are made from coal or coke.


Pew People Know How Useful It Is In Preserving Health and Beauty.

Nearly everybody knows that charcoal is the safest and most efficient disinfectant and purifier in nature, but few realign its value when taken into the human system for the same cleansing purpose.

Charcoal is a remedy that the more you take of It the better: ii Is not a drug at all. but simply absorb* the gases mid impurities always present in the stomach and intestinesand carries them out of the system.

Charcoal sweeteng the breath after eating onions and other odorous vegetables.

Charcoal effectually clears and improve* the completion. It whitens the teeth, and further acts as a natural and eminently safe cathartic.

It absorbs the injurious gases which collect In the stomach and bowels: it disinfects the mouth and throat from the poison of catarrh.

All druggists sell in one form or another, hut probably the liest charcoal and the most for the money is In Smart's Absorbent Lozenge*; they are composed of the lineal powdered Willow charcoal and oilier harmless antiseptics in tablet form, or rather in the form of large, pleasant tasting lozenges, the charcoal being mixed with honey.

The daily use of these Lozenges will soon teil In a much Improved condition of the general health, better complexion, sweeter breath. and purer blood, and the beauty of It in that no possible harm can result from their continued use, but, on the contrary, great benefit.

A Buffalo physician, in speaking of the benefits of charcoal, says: "I advise Smart*« Absorbent Lozenge to all patients suffering from gas in stomach and bowels, and to clear the complexion and purify the breath, month, and throat: I also believe the liver is greatly benefited by the daily use of them: they cost but twenty-five cents a box at drugstores, and although in some sense a patent preparation, yet I believe I get more and better charcoal in Biunrt'a Absorbent Lozengest than in ordinary charcoal tablets." Advertisement in The Christian Advocate, 15 January 1903.

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