Champagne - Defined, Types and Vintages

Champagne—A wine prepared from grapes; the best varieties are manufactured at Epernay, Rheims and Mareuil in France, but the vintages of each year are vastly different, and sometimes the grape crop is a dismal failure. Hence champagne drinkers in Europe and Great Britain are versed on the merits and demerits of the various vintages.

While in the United States, but very little attention has thus far been paid to the matter; the following clipping from the Hotel World of London, England, will doubtless be of interest:

Champagne Vintages 1865-1891
Yield in Year Gallons Character of the wines
1891 5,618,292 Passable, but very dear.
1890 6,675,666 Ordinary quality
1889 6,109.954 Very good, prioe excessively high.
1888 4,689.098 Passable.
1887 10,409.278 Fairly good light.
1886 6,626,898 Some good wines. with abundance of vinosity; but for the most part the vintage is under suspicion, which time has not so far lessened
1885 8,199.070 Mediocre. resembling the 1883's.
1884 11,528,946 Fine elegant "Ants, highly prised by connoisseurs.
1883 9,061.460 Mediocre and dear; acid.
1882 7.048 568 Mediocre; acid; immature.
1881 14,627,140 Passable.
1880 2,423,286 Very good; lighter than the 1874's, excessively deer.
1879 2,008.776 Complete failure, yield small, fortunately
1878 11,898,646 Good; fine;
1877 10,407,604 Mediocre; acid.
1876 16,120,786 Mediocre
1875 21,710,846 Passable.
1874 8,178,644 Very fine, both as to vinosity and color. has been greatly sought after.
1873 3,438,718 Bad; acrd, and notwithstanding that, dear.
1872 4,480,960 Fairly good.
1871 6,486,306 Mediocre.
1870 4.960.010 Good.
1869 8.542.896 Passable.
1868 12,318,700 Very good, elegant, and lighter than the 1868's.
1867 1,889,856 Mediocre.
1866 19,449,870 Bad.
1865 14,814,542 Wine of superior quality; very vinous.


Add to jelly one quart champagne or white wine. Use about half of this in fdling half full some small wine glasses, and set in ice box to get firm. Take the other half of the jelly, add the whites of two eggs, put it in a kettle set on ice and whip to a froth, then fill the glasses. Replace in ice box until firm. Serve in the glasses.


Reduce one quart of espagnole with half a pint of mushroom essence or the liquor in which they have been cooked, also a pint of mirepoix stock, and a pint of champagne or any other wine, and reduce once more until the sauce be sufficiently consistent.


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