Cases - Defined

Cases—Are fanciful shaped pieces of paper made to noia and serve delicate foods; also made by the cook of rice, potatoes, turnips, etc.; most often seen on the bill of fare as En Caisse.

Vintage Recipes

Petites Caisses ä la Fumes

Take a small Ostend rabbit, steep it in water as usual, and boil it gently in some white stock, with a good many peppercorns. When it is cold chop the meat up into small dice; add to it about a quarter of the amount of ham, and the whites of two hard-boiled eggs, all cut to the same size.

Moisten the salpicon with a good white sauce made with cream, a little lemon juice, pepper and salt.

The little paper cases must have a ring of cress arranged, about a quarter of an inch thick; the salpicon, put in carefully with a small spoon, will hold it in place.

Fill the cases to the level of the cress leaves, and decorate with a Belgian flag made as follows:

Make some aspic jelly with gelatin, tarragon vinegar, and a little sherry. Color one part with paprika or coralline, pepper; a second part with the sieved yolks of two hard-boiled eggs, and the rest with rinsed pickled walnuts, also passed through a wire sieve.

Pour the red jelly into a small mold with straight sides; when it is almost set pour in the yellow aspic, and when that is cold pour in the black.

When the jelly is quite cold, turn it out, slice it, and cut it into pieces of suitable size.

If you make too much aspic it can decorate any cold dish or salad. The walnut squash looks black at night.

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