Carrots - Defined and Recipes

Carrots—A vegetable that in this country enters into almost every soup, sauce, Râgout, etc., for its flavor, and in the early summer when new and about two inches long, are relished as an accompaniment to fresh boiled beef, New England dinner, etc.

NEW CARROTS IN CREAM—The carrots washed and scraped, then boiled tender in boiling salted water, taken up and drained, then simmered in reduced cream or thin cream sauce; served as a vegetable.

SAUTE OF NEW CARROTS—Washed, scraped and boiled as above, then sautéed in butter, taken up, and mixed into Maitre D'Hôtel butter; served as a garnish.

BRAISED NEW CARROTS, PARSLEY SAUCE — The carrots washed and scraped, then braised in consommé to a glaze, taken up; served on small platters with some parsley sauce at the end, as a vegetable.

GLAZED NEW CARROTS WITH BUTTER —Prepared and glazed as in the preceding, taken up, dipped in melted butter and used as a garnish.

NEW CARROTS IN BROWN GRAVY —Glazed as above, taken up, pot into a rich brown gravy; served as a garnish sprinkled with parsley, or as a vegetable.

STEWED CARROTS WITH GREEN PEAS—New carrots cored with a column cutter, then cut in thin slices, stewed in consommé till tender; green peas boiled in salted water with a bunch of fresh mint, strained off when done, and mixed with the carrots; served as a vegetable.

NEW CARROTS IN POULETTE SAUCE—Washed and scraped, then boiled in boiling salted water till tender, drained off and then mixed into Poulette sauce and served as a vegetable.

CURRIED CARROTS WITH RICE—Vegetarian entrée—The carrots prepared and cooked (as in Braised New Carrots, Parsley Sauce), then taken up and mixed into a good curry sauce made of cream; served in the center of a border of dry boiled rice.

CARROT SALAD WITH ASPARAGUS TIPS —The carrots glazed and when cold the tips dipped into Ravigote sauce, arranged alternately on dish with points of asparagus sprinkled with Vinaigrette sauce, and garnished with shred lettuce.

CARROT SOUP—Plenty of carrots with a few soup vegetables boiled in stock with a piece of corned beef; when meat is done, taken up, the soup then made thick with roux, then rubbed through a fine sieve, boiled up again, seasoned and skimmed; served with croûtons, (called, Purée CRECY).

Carrot Purée -- Make a quart of medium sauce, using one-half a cup, each, of butter and flour, the butter softened, and the flour rubbed into it to a smooth paste, which is added to a pint of hot stock, stirred until it begins to thicken, then a pint of thin cream or rich milk is added, with seasoning of salt, pepper, and onion juice to taste, and the whole is;;tirred until it boils. To this foundation there is added two cups of fine-grated, raw carrots, and the whole is cooked for ten minutes longer at it low heat, or the kettle is covered and set into a pan of hot water. The carrots should be grated, not chopped. Serve, garnished with olives, stuffed with sharp cheese.

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