Carp - Defined, Types and Recipes

Carp—A fresh water fish, in season from September to May; is highly esteemed, and its roe is nearly equal to that of the Shad.

Species of Carp

Common Carp is a fresh water fish of the family of the “ gymnopones.” It is used on our tables, its meat being considered a most excellent food.

Common Carp

German Carp.—A species of carp partially bare, the back and belly being the only parts covered with two or three rows of golden scales, half as large again as the common carp.

German Carp

Salmon Carp.—A common carp, the meats having acquired through local circumstances a reddish tint and a taste analogous to the salmon.

BAKED CARP, SAUCE MATELOTE—The fish scaled and trimmed, filled with savory stuffing, sewn up, scored into cutting portions, the back dipped in beaten eggs, then in bread crumbs, laid in pan, back sprinkled with melted butter, moistened with a little red wine and consommé, a few slices of onions added, slowly baked till done, taken up, the residue of the pan strained into a matelote sauce, the fish served with it, and garnished with Duchesse potatoes.

BAKED CARP, SAUCE GENOISE—The fish scaled, trimmed and stuffed as above, sewn up, scored, baked in Genoise sauce, served with it, and garnished with potatoes Bignonne.

BRAISED STUFFED CARP, SAUCE ALLEMANDE—The fish scaled, trimmed, stuffed with fish forcemeat, sewn up, the skin then spread with more forcemeat, placed in a saûtoir with vegetables and spices, moistened with fish stock and white wine, covered with buttered paper, slowly braised till done, taken up, braise strained, skimmed, and added to an Allemande sauce, served with it, and garnished with Hollandaise potatoes.

BOILED CARP, CAPER SAUCE—The fish scaled and trimmed, either left whole, or cut into portions, placed in saûtoir with an onion stuck with cloves and a bunch of herbs, covered with good beef gravy and a little port wine, boiled slowly till done, sauce made from the liquor it was boiled in; when done, capers and caper vinegar added to it; served with the fish, garnished with Conde potatoes.

BROILED CARP, LEMON PARSLEY BUTTER—The fish scaled, trimmed, washed, dried and filleted, scored across the skin, seasoned with salt and pepper, rolled in flour, then dipped in olive oil, broiled, served with Maitre D'Httel butter poured over and garnished with chip potatoes, lemon and parsley.

BROILED STUFFED CARP,FINES-HERBES SAUCE—Fish a pound each in weight, scaled, trimmed and washed, filled with a forcemeat made of minced mushrooms, small pieces of any cooked fish, chopped parsley, hard boiled eggs, minced chives and shallots, seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg; sewn up, scored, rolled in oil paper, and slowly broiled till done through; served with fines-herbes sauce poured over and garnished with Julienne potatoes.

FRIED CARP, PIQUANTE SAUCE—The fish scaled, trimmed, washed, dried, rubbed with lemon juice, seasoned with salt and pepper, rolled in flour, dipped in beaten eggs, fried; served with Piquante sauce poured around, garnished with lemon and parsley, and surrounded with Parisienne potatoes.

BOILED CARP ROES, SAUCE SUPREME—The roes washed, then steeped for an hour in cold water with vinegar, slowly boiled in light consommé with lemon juice in it; served with supreme sauce poured over, and garnished with potatoes Anglaise.

FRIED CARP ROES, SAUCE TARTARE—The roes washed and steeped as above, then blanched in salted vinegar water, taken out and wiped dry, seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice, breaded, fried; served with tartar sauce poured around, garnished with lemon, parsley and chip potatoes.

SCALLOPED CARP ROES IN SHELL—The roes cleansed, steeped and blanched, thee boiled in salted vinegar water till done; taken up, cut into dice with mushrooms, put into a Vélouté sauce with a little lobster coral, then filled into scallop shells, sprinkled with bread crumbs and melted butter, baked and served.

PATTIES OF CARP ROES—The preceding mixture filled into patty shells; served with the top sprinkled with lobster coral, and Vélouté sauce poured around.

CARP SAUTE, ADMIRAL SAUCE—The fish a pound each in weight, scaled, trimmed, washed, dried, scored, seasoned with salt and pepper, rolled in flour, slowly fried in butter till done; served surrounded with Admiral sauce, garnished with parsley, lemon and Victoria potatoes.

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