Capsicums - Defined

Capsicums—Are better known as chillies or peppers; they are of two shapes, the long thin dark red, which is used in vinegars, pickles, and to grind into red pepper; and the round green bell shaped, which is generally stuffed and baked, or cut up into many sauces, soups and garnitures.


Fry for one minute only, six medium-sized green peppers in very hot fat; drain and skin them properly and cut a round piece off the bottom to use for a cover. Remove the insides, and fill them with a good sausage forcemeat; put on the round cover previously cut off, and lay them on an oiled baking-tin. Moisten the peppers lightly with sweet oil and place them in a slow oven to cook for fifteen minutes; then arrange them on a hot dish and serve with a gill of demi-glace sauce.


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