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Capons—Are young fowls that have been sterilized, secluded and fattened, which improves the delicacy and flavor of their flesh, and also allows them to grow to a much larger size. They are best in the fall of the year. The city of Philadelphia seems to have got the name of producing the best, and when placed on the bill of fare, no matter what part of the country, are generally designated, "Philadelphia Capon".

ROAST CAPON STUFFED WITH RICE—Draw, singe and wash the birds, wiped dry, the inside filled with rice that has been boiled in stock; seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg and a few herbs; when filled, trussed, breast covered with bacon and tied with string, roasted and basted; when nearly done, the bacon removed, the breast browned; served garnished with watercress, and some Vélonté sauce.

ROAST CAPONS WITH NOODLES — The birds drawn, singed, washed and trussed, the breast filled with a savory stuffing, bacon tied over the breast, then roasted; served with some boiled noodles that are mixed into Allemande sauce, with a little Parmesan cheese at one end, and Allemande sauce at the other.

BRAISED CAPON WITH CHIPOLATA GARNISH—Capons drawn, singed, washed, wiped, larded on the breast, trussed, put in sauce pan with vegetables, herbs and spices, moistened half way up with white stock and a glass of white wine, covered with buttered paper, braised till done and glazy. Served garnished with small sausages, blanched and peeled chestnuts, button mushrooms, small glazed onions and pieces of cooked bacon all made hot in a good roast fowl gravy.

BRAISED CAPONS, SAUCE SUPREME—Prepared and braised as in the preceding; served with Supreme sauce poured around, and decorated with strips of cooked tongue and watercress.

ROAST CAPON STUFFED, GIBLET SAUCE—The birds prepared, then filled with a savory stuffing, trussed, bacon tied over the breast, roasted and basted till done, bacon then removed, and the breast quickly browned; served with a sauce made from the residue of the roasting pan, with minced and sautéed giblets worked into it; garnished with watercress.

BOILED CAPON WITH SALT PORK — The capon prepared and the breast filled with chicken forcemeat, then trussed, boiled in white stock with a piece of salt pork, served with a sauce poured mound, made from the stock it was boiled in, to which is added chopped parsley and flanked with thin slices of pork.

BRAISED CAPONS WITH TOMATOED RICE—The birds prepared, the breast covered with bacon, braised with vegetables and spices; when done, taken up, and the braise strained, skimmed, and added to a Vélouté sauce. Rice boiled in chicken stock till done, drained, mixed with a tomato purée; served with a small mold of the rice turned out on end of dish with some of the sauce poured around.

BRAISED CAPONS WITH QUENELLES, SAUCE Périgueux—Prepared and braised as in the preceding, the braise strained, skimmed, reduced to glaze, then mixed into a Périgueux sauce; served with the sauce poured around, and garnished with small quenelles on chicken dipped into parsley sauce.

BOILED CAPON, MUSHROOM SAUCE — The birds drawn, washed, singed and trussed, bacon tied over the breast, boiled in white stock, sauce made from the stock, some mushroom purée worked into it, also some whole button mushrooms that have been sautéed in butter; served surrounded with the mushrooms in sauce.

STEWED CAPON WITH VEGETABLES—The birds prepared, then disjointed into portion pieces, lightly fried in butter, then arranged in a saûtoir with slices of carrot, onions and a bunch of sweet herbs, moistened with stock and a glass of Madeira wine, stewed slowly till tender; served garnished with a Macédoine of vegetables made hot in Madeira sauce.

BOILED CAPON WITH TONGUE AND CAULIFLOWER —The birds prepared and boiled as in Boiled Capon, Mushroom Sauce; served with a slice of braised smoked tongue, and garnished with flowerets of cauliflower in Bèchamel sauce.

BOILED CAPON WITH MILANAISE GARNISH—Prepared and boiled as above, and served surrounded with a garnish of boiled macaroni in inch lengths, with strips of cooked tongue, sliced mushrooms and minced truffle peelings made hot in a Vélouté sauce.

BOILED STUFFED CAPON, CELERY SAUCE—The birds prepared, then stuffed with celery, the skin rubbed with lemon juice, bacon tied over the breast, boiled in white stock, sauce made from it, into which is worked strips of blanched celery about an inch long, the celery then simmered in the sauce till tender; served with the sauce poured around, and garnished with green celery tops.

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