Cantaloupes, Defined and Serving Suggestions

Cantaloupes—Are of different kinds in our markets; although the "Nutmeg" is pronounced the best, many have a distinct fancy for the "Osage" with its thick yellow fruit. In selecting the nutmegs, those which have a thick broad cording on the rind, and with the section marks inclined to a yellow color, will be found the best fruit.

To be served they are first kept on ice, then scrubbed or washed, split in halves lengthwise, pith and seeds removed, and the cavity filled with small broken ice; eaten by some with powdered sugar, by others with salt and pepper.

The Muskmelon is a native of the warm countries of Asia and has been cultivated from a remote period of antiquity. It has been under cultivation so long that the original type of this fruit is not now known, but it is supposed to have resembled the long melons now grown in Persia.

The melons generally grown in this country are called Muskmelons, which class includes the smooth-skinned and netted varieties, while the name of Cantaloupe, usually applied to all musk- melons, belongs properly to those having rough or hard skins only, such as the Prescott or Hardy Ridge and the Black Portugal; these Cantaloupes are also called Rock Melons. These Cantaloupes or Rock Melons are but seldom grown in this country, but are extensively used in France, Italy, and other European countries, where they are highly esteemed for their delicious flavor.

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