Canned Goods - Defined and Types

National Canners Association "Confidence in Canned Foods" Vintage Ad

National Canners Association "Confidence in Canned Foods" Vintage Ad © 1921

CANNED GOODS—The following quotation clipped from The Sanitarian is given for the reader to form his own views:

"Under one heading we may consider several groups of foodstuffs, which, while different in composition, are alike in the form of adulteration which is resorted to. These groups include the varieties of canned vegetables, fruit butters, jellies, preserves and catsups. The forms of adulterations, common to all of these, consist in the use of coloring matter, of imperfect vegetables or fruits, of other vegetables and fruits than those called for of preservatives.

What This Seal Means To You

What This Seal Means To You © 1921 National Canners Association

In the case of canned vegetables, there is an accidental adulteration from the ingredients of the can, such as lead and tin, and which may, as a rule, be attributed to a lack of care in canning. In all the groups mentioned, the adulteration practised is one of the most flagrant and extensive kind. Catsups are made of skins and cores instead of the pure vegetables, then colored with a coal tar product and loaded with salicylic acid to prevent fermentation.

Fruit butters are nothing but parings and scrapings of fruit, to which glucose, starch and colorings have been added, with salicylic acid as a preservative. Jellies are made from glucose, flavored with essential oils and colored, to which salicylic acid is added. Some fruit jellies marked as pure, have never seen a trace of fruit. What is true of jellies is true of preserves.

Put together refuse material, the cheapest sort of glucose, some coloring and salicylic acid, and you have the composition of scme of the cheaper forms of preserves that are to be found on the shelves of some of our grocery stores.

Canning Food In Your Other Kitchen

Canning Food In Your Other Kitchen © 1921 National Canners Association

Of these coarser forms of adulterations it will be unnecessary to say even a word; they are universally recognized as being unfit for use and every honest dealer is of the opinion that the sooner they are driven out of the market the better it will be for trade."

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