Canard - Defined and Recipes

Canard—French name for wild duck. Cane-ton for domestic duck or duckling.

Duck à la Matignon

Select a fine young duck and truss it after singeing and drawing. Cut up some carrots, bacon and onions into thrcc-sixtccnth-inch squares; have also sprigs of parsley, thyme and bay leaf. Put the bacon into a sautoir with two ounces of butter, fry, put in the onions without coloring them, then add the carrots, herbs and seasoning; moisten with Madeira wine and let fall to a glaze.

When cold, wrap the duck with this matignon in strong sheets of buttered paper, and roast either on the spit or in the oven from three-quarters of an hour to one hour. Unwrap and add the vegetables to half a pint of espagnole sauce and as much broth; boil and despumate for half an hour, reducing to the consistency of a light sauce; strain this through a tammy and pour a part of it over the dressed duck, serving the remainder in a sauce-boat.

Ducks with Olives—Braised.

Dress two ducks for entrées and lay them in a saucepan lined with bardes of fat pork; moisten to half their height with a mirepoix white wine stock, and let boil, skim and simmer slowly for three-quarters to one hour. Stone about one pound of verdal olives, blanch, drain and add them to a brown sauce stirred in the mirepoix stock from the ducks after it has been strained and skimmed. Dress the ducks, cover lightly with sauce and garnish around with the olives.

Ducklings à la Bordelaise—Sautéd.

Cut up two ducklings into five pieces each, obtaining the two legs, the two wings, and one piece from the breast bone; pare them nicely, leaving on the pinions, but suppressing the bone from the legs; sauté in half clarified butter and half oil, with the addition of four ounces of bacon cut in three-sixteenth of an inch squares, the well-chopped livers, two teaspoonfuls of chopped shallot, the same of parsley and a soupçon of garlic; moisten with white wine, add half a pound of finely chopped cepes, four ounces of cooked ham cut in eighth of an inch squares, espagnole sauce and some tomato purée. Remove at the first boil, dress the duck, pour the sauce over, garnish the extremities with paper frills, and serve immediately.


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