Calipee and Calipash - Defined

Calipee and Calipash—The first is the name given to the meat attached to the lower, and the last to the meat attached to upper shells of a turtle.

Calipash is a corruption of carapace, the upper shell of the turtle; but it is used to signify only the green fat or gelatinous matter which adheres to the upper shell, while calipee is the name given to the yellow fat or gelatin which is attached to the under shell.

The Green Fat is never to be approached in a frivolous spirit—always with profound obeisance and thoughts that do lie too deep for words. il Sir,” said an alderman at a city dinner to a loquacious companion, “let us be silent for a moment. In listening to your discourse, and trying to answer you, I have swallowed two pieces of Green Fat without doing them justice.

Pray let me enjoy my present happiness, and when it is ended you shall discourse as much as you please.”

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