Cailles - Defined with Recipies

Cailles—French name for " quails; " when spoken the two ELLS are silent.

La timbale de cailles farcies à la Talleyrand

Tie kettledrum (mold) of stuffed quail la Talleyrand”: quail mousse with foie gras and champagne sauce.

Quails à La Macédoine—Larded.

Truss six quails after they have been picked, drawn and singed, proceeding the same as for an entrée; dip the breasts in boiling water and lard them with small lardons. Line a low saucepan with bards of fat pork, lay the quails on top, and moisten with a white wine mirepoix stock; braise in a slack oven, and when almost done, glaze over. Untruss and dress in a circle with a garnishing of macédoine vegetables in the center; strain the stock, free it of its fat, and reduce to the consistency of half-glaze, serving it separately. The quails may be barded instead of larded, and the macédoine replaced by green peas, Parisian style, or else cucumbers, cut as cloves of garlic, blanched and cooked in consommé, then thickened with béchamel, etc.


Have the birds very clean and truss with the legs thrust inside; split them through the back without separating, open, trim, beat and season, then coat them over with butter or oil and broil. Dress on well-pared toasted slices of bread and cover with maître d’hôtel butter.


After they have been plucked and drawn, singe and cut off the end of the claws; truss and cover the breasts, first with a grape leaf buttered over with a brush, and then with a thin slice of fat pork; run them on small skewers and fasten them to the spit; baste over with melted butter and let cook for fourteen to sixteen minutes, then salt; take off and untruss, or they may be put in a baking pan sprinkled with butter and cooked in a hot oven. Dress each one
on a crust covered with a layer of baking forcemeat with foies-gras, and serve at the same time some clear gravy.


Prepare six quails the same as for roasting; divide them in two, splitting through the center of the breast, suppress the legs, and pare the remainder of the birds. Mince two shallots finely, break the legs and put them into a sauce-pan with the fragments of quails and the shallots; moisten with red or white Bordeaux wine (either will answer), and as much mirepoix stock and espagnole sauce. Let boil slowly for fifteen minutes, then strain through a sieve, put in the quails, heat up without boiling and dish up in a circle. Add some finely cut up mushrooms and truffles to the sauce and pour it over the quails; surround the salmis with heart-shaped bread croutons fried in butter.

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