Brussels Sprouts - Define Brussels Sproutsd with Recipes

Brussels Sprouts—Called (Choux de Bruxelles) are small sprouts that grow on the stalks of cabbages. They are very green and about the size of large olives when trimmed. They make an excellent accompaniment to boiled beef and form a part of many garnitures.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS BOILED—As a vegetable, trimmed, thoroughly washed, thrown into boiling water containing salt and a small piece of common washing soda, boiled till tender with the saucepan lid OFF about fifteen minutes, then turned into a colander, drained, tossed with a little melted butter and served.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS SAUTÉES—Prepared, boiled and drained as in the preceding, then placed in a sautoir with butter and lightly fried, seasoned with salt and pepper; served either as a garnish or vegetable.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS WITH PARSLEY BUTTER—Same as the preceding, but served with Maitre D'Hôtel butter poured over them.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS IN CREAM—Prepared and cooked the same as for " boiled" above, then reheated in a good reduced cream (not cream sauce); served as a vegetable.

OMELET WITH BRUSSELS SPROUTS—The above sprouts in cream, enclosed in a savory omelet; served garnished with some of the sprouts around the omelet and the cream poured over them.

PURÉE OF BRUSSELS SPROUTS — The sprouts prepared as for " brussels sprouts sautées"; after sautéeing they are rubbed through a fine sieve, mixed with egg yolks and butter, seasoned with salt and pepper; used as a garnish or in a soup; if in soup, as follows: the stock of good veal or chicken, seasoned with salt pork and vegetables, thickened lightly with roux, strained, the purée then worked into it. Served with small toast.

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