Brunoise - Defined

Brunoise—Name given to a consommé with small cut vegetables. See "consomme."

Brunoise (Brunoise Soup).—A clear gravy soup with finely minced carrots, turnips, leeks, and onions.

Brunoise au Rlz.—The same as above, with the addition of some plainly boiled rice.

Vintage Recipes

Consommé Brunoise. Cut in very small dice, (nearly fine chopped), one carrot, one turnip, one leek, a stalk of celery and a little white cabbage, and parboil in salt water.

Then drain off the water, put in well-buttered casserole, add a pinch of sugar, cover with buttered manilla paper and with the casserole cover on top of that, and put in the oven to braise.

If too dry a half cup of stock may be added. Cook until vegetables are soft. Use for potage garnishing, Consommé brunoise, and other dishes. For soups use one heaping spoonful of brunoise to each plate.

Consomme with Brunoise. - Proportions / vegetables for 2 liters of consommé: 300 grams of carrot red; 200 grams of turnip; 3 white means of leek; 2 small stalks of celery; half a small onion.

Divide these vegetables into cubes 3 mm apart; season with salt and a pinch of powdered sugar; bake gently in butter and finish cooking with the value of half a liter of consommé.

When serving, add the necessary consommé and top with a spoonful of fine green peas; as many green beans cut into small squares and soft toys of chervil.

NOTE. This polishing is susceptible of different variants, by adding a new filling element and, in this case, the statement of the soup mentions it. So :
With the addition of small poached eggs, the ordinary Brunoise becomes Brunoise with the Colbert.

With the addition of small dumplings, pearl barley, rice, pasta, etc., it is stated: Brunoise with quenelles, Brunoise with barley, Brunoisc with rice, etc.
Brunoise can also be prepared with Purée, or with Velouté cheese.

Consommé à la Brunoise—Pare and scrape one large carrot and one white turnip. Cut the red part of the carrot into small, dice-like pieces the size of peas. Cut the turnip, some celery, one white onion and one leek the same way.

Place the leek and onion with one-half ounce butter over the fire, cooking five minutes. The remaining vegetables place in a saucepan over the fire and cover with boiling water. Cook three minutes, drain in a sieve and add to the onion and leek.

Cover with consommé and cook until tender. Then add three pints of consommé. Boil slowly ten minutes, remove all fat. season with salt if necessary. One-half cupful young green peas previously boiled in a little water with sugar may be added if handy.


Cut into small dice some carrot, turnip, parsnip, leek, onion, and celery-root. Blanch these in cold water on the fire taking the saucepan off at the first boil, then drain; return the vegetables to the same saucepan and moisten with a very little broth and reduce this to a glaze, then pour in two quarts of broth to cook the vegetables, adding some green peas, some string beans cut up small, and a little powdered sugar to remove the tartness of the ingredients, and at the last moment throw in a little chopped chervil.

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