Boulettes of Game - Defined

Boulettes of Game—The word boulette signifies "ball" and is used very seldom, except to describe a garnish. "Boulettes of potatoes" are what is better known as potatoes Victoria. Boulettes of game are made of a highly seasoned mince of cold game, breaded and fried. Boulettes are little balls of chopped meat or breadcrumbs. Also known as Game Boulettes.

Codfish Cakes And Balls (Morue Salée en Galettes et en Boulettes).

Pare well the salt codfish and put it to soak; shred it while raw and set it into a saucepan with the same quantity of raw potatoes and sufficient cold water to cover, let boil from twenty-five to thirty minutes, or until the potatoes are done, then drain off the water and cover with a damp towel, set them in the oven a few moments to dry.

Pound the whole in a mortar, adding pepper and butter, and when the preparation is reduced to a pulp, form it into two-inch diameter cakes, roll them in flour and flatten to three-quarters of an inch in thickness, fry these in clarified butter, dress on napkins or else on a very hot dish.

For the Codfish Balls use the same preparation, making balls of it one inch in diameter; dip in milk, roll in flour, fry them in very hot fat.

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