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Boudin - Defined with Recipes

Boudin—The French name for a pudding made of meats, game, poultry and fish, in the form of cakes or sausages.

BOUDIN NOIR—Or black pudding, see (blitz& pudding).

BOUDIN OF VEAL—Finely minced veal and bacon seasoned with aromatic herbs, then made into small sausage shapes, poached in white stock, served with a sauce Périgueux, (called, BOUDIN DE VEAU).

BOUDIN OF RABBIT—Same as the preceding, substituting rabbit for the veal; served with a light game sauce, (called, BOUDIN DE LAPIN).

BOUDIN OF HARE—Same as the preceding, substituting hare for rabbit, (called, BOUDIN DE LIEVRE).

BOUDIN OF FOWL—Cold white chicken or turkey meat pounded to a paste with a seasoning of nutmeg, salt, red pepper, lemon juice and herbs, the paste forced into a skin, plunged into boiling white stock till thoroughly heated through, taken up, served cold in slices alternately with slices of black pudding, (called BOUDIN BLANC).

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