Bloaters - Defined with Recipes

Bloaters—Are smoked herrings, and the best are imported from "YARMOUTH" a sea port city of England, which city has never found an equal rival in this production. Yardmouth bloaters are inported in cans. Put on broiler and heat through. Serve with maître d'Hotel sauce, quartered lemons and parsley.

TOASTED BLOATERS — The head removed with the entrails without opening the fish, which is done by cutting the neck across the back and drawing the entrails with the gills, they are then washed in cold water, wiped dry. and slowly broiled; served with melted butter, garnished with lemon and parsley.

BAKED YARMOUTH BLOATERS IN SAUCE —The fish drawn, then blanched, taken up and skinned, the flesh lifted off in fillets free from bone, then laid in pan, and covered with a thick anchovy sauce containing a little bloater paste, sprinkled with graced cheese and bread crumbs, baked; served garnished with fancy potatoes.

YARMOUTH BLOATERS SAUTES—The fillets prepared as in the preceding, then lightly fried in butter, seasoned with red pepper, sprinkled with chopped parsley; served on toast garnished with lemon and parsley.

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