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Bloaters—Are smoked herrings, and the best are imported from "YARMOUTH" a sea port city of England, which city has never found an equal rival in this production. Yardmouth bloaters are inported in cans. Put on broiler and heat through. Serve with maître d'Hotel sauce, quartered lemons and parsley.

TOASTED BLOATERS — The head removed with the entrails without opening the fish, which is done by cutting the neck across the back and drawing the entrails with the gills, they are then washed in cold water, wiped dry. and slowly broiled; served with melted butter, garnished with lemon and parsley.

BAKED YARMOUTH BLOATERS IN SAUCE —The fish drawn, then blanched, taken up and skinned, the flesh lifted off in fillets free from bone, then laid in pan, and covered with a thick anchovy sauce containing a little bloater paste, sprinkled with graced cheese and bread crumbs, baked; served garnished with fancy potatoes.

YARMOUTH BLOATERS SAUTES—The fillets prepared as in the preceding, then lightly fried in butter, seasoned with red pepper, sprinkled with chopped parsley; served on toast garnished with lemon and parsley.

Bloater Grilled.—Split the fish and grill it over a clear fire, cooking the skin side first, and then the inside, for five to eight minutes, and serve dry or with a tiny pat of butter on it.

Bloater Toast.—Pick all the flesh from a bloater fried in butter; pound this flesh with the roe and |oz. of butter, season well with pepper and salt, and sieve it. Add this purée to a gill of white sauce or of velouté, stir it all over the fire till thick, pour it on five or six squares of buttered toast, and serve very hot.

Bloater Sandwich à l'Impériale.—Whip 2oz. of bloater cream, or paste, with 4oz. of creamed butter or thick cream, spread it on brown bread and butter, sprinkle it with minced parsley and tarragon, and finish off as usual.

Egg Bloater Sandwich--For 8 sandwiches, spread on 16 traingular bread slices a mixture of 4 cold hard boiled egg-yolks, 1 tsp. Bloater Paste and 1 tsp. of Butter.

Fillets of Bloaters on Toast.--Skin, split and bone four nice bloaters ; cut into neat fillets, brush over with oiled butter, and broil over a quick fire. Have ready some freshly made toast, butter it well, and sprinkle over with grated Parmesan cheese. Cut into oblong shapes fingers) and place a fillet on each. Bake for a few minutes in a sharp oven, then dish up and serve hot.

Bloater Cream Toast.--Toast in front or over a light fire three or four slices of stale bread cut from a sandwich loaf, trim off the crust and spread over one side with bloater paste, previously mixed with a little creamed butter ; then cut the toast into even-sized finger shapes about an inch wide.

Have ready some whipped cream seasoned with a good pinch of Krona or paprika pepper, spread this over the pieces of toast ; arrange some thin strips of bloater fillets across the cream in lattice-work pattern, and place a tiny caper in each of the shapes. Decorate the edge with cream forced through a forcing bag or paper cornet. Dish up on lace paper and serve.


Ingredients.—Four to six soft roes of bloaters, one shallot, peeled and chopped, one hard-boiled egg, eight to ten small squares or rounds of fried brown bread (Hovis or Cytos), 2 ozs. butter, half a lemon, cayenne, aromatic spice.

Method.—Melt about an ounce of butter in a sauté-pan. When hot put in the shallot, and blend for a few seconds without browning; put in the roes, and toss them over the fire for a few minutes.

Turn on to a plate and let cool. Pound the roes and shallot in a mortar, adding an ounce of butter; season with a pinch of cayenne pepper and some aromatic spice or seasoning (Epice culinaire) to impart a savory flavor.

Spread the mixture thickly on to the prepared croûtes of fried bread. Sprinkle the top with chopped hard boiled white of egg, or form some pretty design with the yolk and white of egg. Squeeze a little lemon juice over each, set in a hot oven for a few seconds, dish up, and serve very hot.


Ingredients.—Two bloaters, 1 1/2 ozs. grated cheese, frying batter, frying fat.

Method.—Split the bloaters, take out the bones, remove the skins, cut off the heads, and divide each fillet into three or four neat pieces. Mix the frying batter with an ounce of finely grated cheese.

Dip each piece of bloater into the batter so as to completely cover it, and drop into very hot fat; fry a golden color, take up, drain well, and dish up. Sprinkle over some grated cheese, and serve very hot.

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