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Blanching Pan

Blanching Pan © 1869 The Royal Cookery Book

Blanch or Blanched—Foods placed to boil in cold water, removed after corning to the boil, poured into a colander and well washed; and in the case of almonds, etc., the skins are then easily removed. To scald. It means to whiten, literally. To blanch almonds is to scald and peel them; to blanch parsley, chives, shallots and herbs is to plunge them a minute in boiling water that they may not go into the sauce raw.

Blanching, in culinary matters, consists in putting any article for a few minutes in warm water. Almonds are blanched by putting them first into boiling, and then into cold water. The skins are then removed very easily.

TO BLANCH ALMONDS. Immerse the almonds into boiling water for a few minutes, but don’t let boil, as this would turn tbem yellow. When the skin comes off easily drain them and cool off in cold water, then drain again and remove the skins. Place them in a warm place to dry.

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