Blackfish - Defined, Dishes and Recipes

Blackfish—A black skinned fish of the perch species, found plentifully South.

FRIED BLACKFISH WITH BACON — The fish scaled, trimmed, seasoned, rolled in flour; the bacon fried; the fish then fried in the bacon fat; served with a slice of the bacon, garnished with chip potatoes, parsley, and a slice of lemon.

BROILED BLACKFISH WITH PARSLEY BUTTER—The fish scaled, trimmed, scored, brushed with melted butter, seasoned, rolled in flour, brushed again with butter and broiled;served with maitre d'hôtel butter poured over the fish, and garnished with Julienne potatoes.

BLACKFISH Sauté WITH FINE HERBS—The fish scaled, trimmed, seasoned, rolled in flour, sautéd in butter, then placed in another sautoir containing fines herbes sauce, simmered for a few minutes, served with some of the sauce poured around, and garnished with Parisienne potatoes.

BAKED BLACKFISH, OYSTER SAUCE—The fish scaled, trimmed, seasoned, placed in a baking pan, brown oyster sauce strained over the fish, baked to a glazy appearance; served with a brown oyster sauce poured over the fish, and garnished with small potato croquettes.

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