Blackbirds - Defined with Recipes

Blackbirds—Can be obtained nearly all the year round of the New York and Chicago game and poultry merchants; they are very cheap and make useful entrees.

BLACKBIRDS BROILED ON SKEWERS, (en brochette)—The birds drawn, wiped, picked, and wrapped round with a very thin slice of bacon, run on skewers, broiled, served on toast, garnished with parsley and slices of lemon.

COMPOTE OF BLACKBIRDS—The blackbirds picked, drawn, wiped and trussed, then quickly browned with butter in a hot oven, taken up, placed in a game sauce and simmered till tender; served in croustades with some sauce poured around.

SALMIS OF BLACKBIRDS—The blackbird., picked, drawn, wiped and trussed, quickly roasted, then placed in a game sauce with some mushrooms and stoned olives; when done, served with a fancy crouton at ends of the dish, and the sauce poured over the birds; garnish with the mushrooms and olives.

BLACKBIRD PIE — The blackbirds picked, drawn, wiped and stuffed with breadcrumbs mixed with salt, pepper, chopped parsley, nutmeg and eggs, trussed, quickly made brown in the oven, placed in pie dish, covered with game sauce and some sliced hard boiled eggs, covered with pie paste and baked.

BLACKBIRDS IN POTATOES—The blackbird picked, drawn, wiped and an oyster placed inside, trussed, quickly browned in the oven with butter. Evenly peeled potatoes (Irish or sweet) split in halves lengthwise, hollowed out, the bird placed in, tied with string, baked and basted with butter; when the potato is done, so is the bird; served with game sauce poured around, and fancy croutons at ends.

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