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Batter—A consistency of flour and liquids used to dip foods in before frying; also a pancake and pudding mixture. The following fritter batter is used for frying any foods of a plain nature: a pound of flour is gradually moistened with a half pint each of milk and water, added to which is the whipped whites of four eggs and half a cup of melted butter.

Batter for frying sweet foods and fruits is made of a pound of flour, a heaping teaspoonful of baking powder and half cup of sugar mixed together dry, then moistened with a cup and a half of milk and two beaten eggs.

Batter for frying vegetables is made of a pound of flour seasoned with salt, moistened with a pint of milk, one beaten egg, and a spoonful of olive oil.

Batter for French pancakes is made of a pound of flour very gradually moistened with a quart of milk and sixteen beaten eggs, the grated rind and juice of one lemon and a seasoning of salt. This batter is fried in small HOT frying pans, very thin, tossed over, spread with preserves, rolled up and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are also called JENNY LIND PANCAKES.

Batter for Swiss pancakes is made of six ounces of, flour gradually moistened with six beaten, eggs and a quart of milk with a seasoning of salt; they are fried like the preceding, but prior to tossing them over they are strewn with steamed currants. Served currant side up with powdered sugar, not rolled.

Batter for Yorkshire pudding is made of three quarters of a pound of flour gradually moistened with three pints of milk, nine beaten eggs, and half a cup of melted butter; one teaspoonful of salt and two of baking powder is beaten in just before putting into oven.

Batter for wheat griddle cakes is made of a pound of flour, one ounce of baking powder, two beaten eggs, three cups of milk, a little melted butter, sugar and salt.

Batter for corn griddle cakes is made of half a pound each of wheat flour and corn meal mixed dry with a little salt and one ounce of baking powder, then moistened with a pint each of milk and water, two beaten eggs, a little syrup and two table-spoonfuls of melted butter.

Batter for flannel griddle cakes is made of a pound of flour, a quart of water and a small cake of yeast, this is set to rise; when risen, two eggs, two ounces of melted lard, a little salt and syrup are beaten in, allowed to rise again before baking.

Batter for graham griddle cakes is made the same as for corn, except using graham flour for the corn meal.

Batter for rice griddle cakes is made of a pint each of sifted flour and dry boiled rice mixed together with a little salt, one teaspoonful of baking powder, moistened with half a pint of milk, three eggs and a little syrup.

Batter for buckwheat cakes is made of self-raising buckwheat flour prepared according to the directions given on the package; or one pound of buckwheat flour moistened with a pint and a half of warm water with enough yeast added to raise it; when risen, a little salt, syrup and melted lard or butter is beaten into it, and sometimes a little corn meal is appreciated.

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