Attereaux - Defined with Recipes

Attereaux—Is a skewer generally used for cooking dishes en brochette (see brochette).

Attereaux (Fr.)—The ornaments cut out of firm aspic jelly for bordering dishes.


Attereaux a la Villeroi—Skewers, Villeroi Style.

Cut some 1/4-inch thick slices of foie gras, truffles, mushrooms and smoked beef tongue; scoop them out round and all of the same size; stick them alternately on to a skewer; spread over some Villeroi sauce, and lay on an oiled dish to get firm; egg and bread-crumb, and fry them in hot lard.

Serve on a napkin and garnish with fried parsley.

Attereaux de Dinde a la Villeroi—Turkey Skewers, Villeroi Style.

Place on a skewer slices of cold cooked turkey with alternate slices of bacon (previously sauted).

The slices should be about the size of a 25-cent piece. Coat the turkey and bacon with Villeroi sauce; egg and bread-crumb when thoroughly cold and then fry in hot lard.

Attereaux de Dinde a la Dreux—Turkey Skewers, Dreux Style.

Follow the directions of the preceding receipt, using slices of cooked ham and truffles instead of bacon.

Attereaux de Foie Gras a la Villeroi—Skewers of Fat Goose Liver, Villeroi Style.

Follow the directions of the preceding receipt, but use only foie gras and truffles.

Note.—Skewers of sweetbread, beef palate, cocks’ kidneys, etc., can also be prepared as above.

Attereaux de Foie Gras a la Lucullus—Fat Goose Liver Skewers, Lucullus Fashion.

Prepare the skewers with slices of cooked fat goose liver and truffles and finish as for Turkey Skewers, Serve Truffle sauce separate.

Attereaux a la Pompadour—Pompadour Skewers.

Place on a skewer alternate slices of breast of chicken, truffles, smoked beef tongue and fresh mushrooms (all these cooked and cut to the same size).

Coat the meats with cream chicken forcemeat, then egg and bread-crumb, fry in clarified butter and serve with Béarnaise sauce, separate.


Attéreaux d'Huîtres, Montebello.

Blanch one dozen medium-sized oysters, and run skewers through them, six on each skewer, alternating each oyster with a mushroom head. Season with salt and pepper, and cover them with a Villeroi sauce No. 357.

When cold, dip them in beaten eggs and in bread crumbs; then fry them in hot frying fat, or in clarified butter to a nice color. When done, dress them on a hot platter covered with a Montebello sauce No. 342, and serve.


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