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Asparagus—Is of two kinds, the red and green; the red is large, thick and full; the green is smaller, with a whitish stalk and green head, of delicate flavor.

ASPARAGUS STEWED—Asparagus heads, also the tender part of the stalks cut into inch lengths, blanched, drained, then simmered till tender in a butter sauce, finished by adding a, liason of egg yolks and cream.

ASPARAGUS, SAUCE HOLLANDAISE—Asparagus heads with all the tender part of the stalk attached, boiled in boiling water containing a small piece of common washing soda and salt till done, a piece of toast placed on a dish, the asparagus stalks resting on the toast with the heads in the dish, Hollandaise sauce poured over the heads.

ASPARAGUS Cooked like the preceding may also be served with plain melted butter, cream, veloutè, mousseline or béchamel sauce; also, after cooking, allowed to become cold, and served without toast, but with either tartare, vinaigrette or mayonnaise sauce.

ASPARAGUS OMELET — Asparagus tips blanched and drained, then fried lightly in butter, surplus butter poured off and a little cream sauce added; omelet mixture containing chopped parsley formed, enclosing a spoonful of the asparagus, placed on a dish and a spoonful of asparagus placed at each end.

ASPARAGUS POINTS WITH QUENELLES —Asparagus points and about two inches of the stalk boiled, drained, laid on toast, bordered with small quenelles of chicken, and Hollandaise sauce poured over the tips.

ASPARAGUS SOUP—Asparagus heads blanched drained and lightly fried with minced shallots in butter, then laid aside, the stalks boiled in veal or chicken broth till tender, a little white roux added, then rubbed through a sieve and mixed with equal parts of velouté and cream sauce, brought to a simmer, the heads now added and served.

ASPARAGUS Purée—Asparagus points and the tender part of the stalks blanched and drained, lightly fried in butter with some minced shallots, green onions, parsley and a little sugar, turned into chicken broth, brought to a boil, thickened with white roux, the whole rubbed through a sieve, spinach juice added to help give a greenish color, seasoned and served.

Alternative Recipe for Asparagus Purée

Cut off tender parts of green asparagus stalks enough to weigh one pound, and cook in a quart of chicken or veal stock for twenty minutes, with one small onion, chopped, and a sprig of parsley. Rub through a colander, and thicken with four tablespoonfuls of flour rubbed to a paste with two tablespoonfuls of butter. Stir over the fire until the mixture boils; season to taste, and serve in boui11on cups with a spoonful of whipped cream on top, the cream to have salt and a little paprika added to it during the beating.

ASPARAGUS SALAD—Two inch lengths with the head of cold boiled asparagus served on a leaf of lettuce with a cream salad dressing.

ASPARAGUS AND SALMON SALAD — A spoonful of ice cold salmon en mayonnaise garnished with asparagus tips in French dressing.

ASPARAGUS AND CAULIFLOWER SALAD —Cooked cauliflower in flowerets garnished with asparagus tips, served sprinkled with chopped capers and cream salad dressing.

ASPARAGUS PATTIES — Cooked asparagus heads and mushrooms in equal parts mixed with velouté sauce, patty shells filled with the mixture, tops placed on; served with a sauce mousseline poured around the base.

ASPARAGUS WITH CHEESE—Cooked asparagus heads seasoned with salt and pepper, placed in a vegetable dish, equal parts of butter and grated parmesan cheese pounded together with a seasoning of cayenne pepper and lemon juice, the asparagus covered with the cheese and butter, browned in the oven and served.

Asparagus with Green Peas -- From fifty stalks of green asparagus cut off the soft tips, to the depth of two inches or more, in small pieces the size of peas. :\Ieasure, and add an equal amount of young, green peas. Cook together in not more than one-half a cup of water, closely covered, for twenty minutes or until tender, then add onefourth a cup of butter, one-half a cup of milk, one beaten egg, and light seasoning of salt and pepper. Stir over fire for a minute or two, until the liquid is creamy; serve either in individual r .unekins or from the ordinary vegetable dish.

Boiled Asparagus. Cut off lower parts of stalks as far down as they will snap, untie bunches, wash, remove scales, and retie. Cook in boiling salted water fifteen minutes or until soft, leaving tips out of water first ten minutes. Drain, remove string, and spread with soft butter, allowing one and one-half tablespoons butter to each bunch asparagus. Asparagus is often broken or cut in inch pieces for boiling, cooking tips a shorter time than stalks.

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