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ARTICHOKES—Are of two kinds, the green or globe, and the Jerusalem. The globe is sometimes used for salads, and served with a French dressing hot with pepper; also boiled plain and served with any of the sauces appropriate to cauliflower. The Jerusalem resembles a rough knobbly potato.

ARTICHOKE BOTTOMS BRAISED Artichoke bottoms filled with chicken forcemeat, braised, served on a crouton, with a rich brown or mushroom sauce poured around.

ARTICHOKE BOTTOMS WITH FORCEMEAT—Artichoke bottoms spread with a purée of onions and rice mixed together, filled up with forcemeat, sprinkled with grated cheese and breadcrumbs, arranged in a pan, moistener: with Consommé and browned in the oven-Served with cream onion sauce around (called Artichokes à la Soubise.)

ARTICHOKE BOTTOMS WITH FOIE GRAS —Artichoke bottoms spread with a mixture of foie-gras and minced truffles, covered with a reduced white mushroom sauce, grated bread crumbs sprinkled over, then browned in the °yeti; served with a truffle sauce poured around, (called, Fonds d'Artichauts à la Strasbourg.)

ARTICHOKE FRITTERS —Cooked artichoke bottoms seasoned, breaded, or dipped in batter and fried in very hot lard; or mashed Jerusalem artichokes mixed with egg yolks, and seasoned with nutmeg, taken up by spoonfuls and fried.

ARTICHOKE CHIPS — Jerusalem artichokes peeled and cut into very thin slices with a Saratoga chip cutter, placed in cold salted water for an hour, taken up a few at a time, dried, then fried in very hot fat, drained, sprinkled with salt.

ARTICHOKES AU GRATIN—Same as artichokes scalloped. Artichoke bottoms cut in slices and mixed with Béchamel sauce, may be used.

ARTICHOKE BOTTOMS WITH Râgout—Artichoke bottoms filled with a mixture of diced truffles, mushrooms, tongue and breast of chicken, all mixed with Allemande sauce, a thin layer of chicken forcemeat placed on top, sprinkled with grated bread-crumbs and cheese, then browned, (called, Fonds d'Artichauts à la Montglas.)

GLOBE ARTICHOKES, COLBERT SAUCE—Globe artichokes trimmed and the choke removed, parboiled in salted water, drained, cooled, then arranged in a sauce pan with a little butter, white wine and consommé; simmered till done and glazy; served with Colbert sauce poured around (called, Artichokes à la Lyonnaise).

GLOBE ARTICHOKES STUFFED—Globe artichokes trimmed and the choke removed, the bottoms fried quickly in olive oil for three minutes, turned over and the leaves fried a minute, taken up and drained, the interior filled with a savory stuffing of meat, herbs and bread-crumbs; arranged in a sautoir, then covered with thin slices of bacon, equal parts of white wine and consommé, simmered till tender, taken up, drained, the braise reduced to a glaze, skimmed and added to an Italian sauce; served with the sauce poured around (called, Artichokes à la Barigoule).

ARTICHOKE BOTTOMS WITH ONIONS—Artichoke bottoms filled with a mixture of fried onions, bread-crumbs, and Parmesan cheese, sprinkled with lemon juice, then browned in the oven; served with a brown sauce poured around (called, Fonds d' Artichauts a l'Italienne).

SCALLOPED ARTICHOKES—Jerusalem artichokes cut to shape of oysters, boiled in salted water till tender, taken up and drained, then put in scallop shells or dishes, covered with anchovy sauce, sprinkled with grated cheese and bread-crumbs, then browned in the oven.

ARTICHOKE BOTTOMS STUFFED — Artichoke bottoms filled with forcemeat, covered with supreme sauce, sprinkled with grated cheese and bread-crumbs, browned in the oven, and served with sauce Supreme (called Fonds d'Artichauts à la Supreme.)

ARTICHOKE OMELET—Thin strips of the tender part of the globe artichoke seasoned with salt and pepper, lightly fried in butter, drained, added to beaten eggs containing chopped parsley, made into an omelet; served with cream sauce poured around the omelet.

ARTICHOKES WITH EGG—Artichoke bottoms boiled, served on toast, garnished with quartered hard boiled eggs, and maitre d'hôtel butter poured over the artichokes.

ARTICHOKES BOILED — Globe artichokes, the tips of the leaves cut and the bottoms rounded, the stalk removed and the under leaves trimmed away; well washed and soaked in salted water for an hour, placed in boiling salted water, and boiled rapidly till tender, taken up, drained, the choke removed, served with melted butter, or sauces appropriate to cauliflower.

ARTICHOKES, FAMILY STYLE—Jerusalem artichokes peeled and trimmed to the shape of pears with a flat bottom, boiled in salted water till tender; a dish of mashed potatoes, artichokes placed around it point upwards, and a boiled Brussels sprout placed between each artichoke.

ARTICHOKE SOUP Globe artichokes parboiled in salted water, the choke, edible part and leaves rubbed through a sieve, the Purée thus obtained one part; cream of chicken soup, one part; onion cream sauce one part, all incorporated, and boiling milk added to obtain the desired consistency of thin cream.

ARTICHOKE AND ONION SALAD —Artichoke bottoms and onions both cooked and sliced, dished alternately, garnished with cooked beets and carrots cut with a fancy cutter; served. either with French dressing or salad cream.

ARTICHOKE AND TOMATO SALAD—Cooked artichoke bottoms and raw sliced peeled tomatoes, same size as the bottoms, arranged alternately on dish, sprinkled with French dressing containing chopped chervil.

Artichokes à la Printiniere

Select a dozen very small artichokes - or larger ones divided to make a dozen
pieces of equal size - and arrange in the bottom of a casserole in which one-half a cup of butter has been heated until it begins to foam. Allow to cook, closely covered, for ten minutes; then add one teaspoonful of onion-juice, one-fourth a teaspoonful of pepper, a little salt, two cups of green peas, and two cups of very tender, young, white leaves of cabbage, shredded. Cover, and cook the whole over gentle heat until the peas and cabbage are done. Canned peas may be used instead of fresh, or young lima beans. Serve with roast lamb or any other delicate meat.

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