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APPLES—About twelve really good kinds are obtainable by the steward, for hotel purposes—Pound sweets, King, Baldwins, Spitzenbergs, Northern spy, Rhode Island greenings, Golden pippins, Johnathans, Wine saps, Snow, Shiawasse beauty, Roxbury russets, Wageners. There are others, but these are among the first rank.

APPLE BAVAROISE—Apple sauce, flavored with sherry wine and lemon juice, with enough gelatine added to set it, the whole passed through a hair sieve, whipped cream stirred in according to quantity liked, then poured into molds and allowed to set till firm; served with whipped cream.

APPLE BUTTER—Peeled apples boiled down in cider to a pulp with a flavor of allspice, the pulp then passed through a fine strainer.

APPLES BAKED—Good firm apples cored, the core hole filled with a mixture of butter and sugar flavored with nutmeg, then placed into a pan containing a little water, and baked till done.

APPLE CAKE—Apple sauce and an equal quan-tity of batter of the consistency of cream, made of flour, milk, eggs and sugar, mixed together and baked slowly till done; when nearly done, the top dusted with sugar, returned to oven to get a glazed appearance.

APPLE CHEESECAKES — Patty pans lined with puff paste, filled with apple marmalade containing a little grated lemon rind and enough yolks of eggs to set.

APPLE CHARLOTTE—The bottom and sides of a pan or mold lined with thin slices of buttered bread, the interior filled with thick apple marmalade, the top covered with slices of buttered bread half an inch thick dipped in a mixture of milk and eggs, the charlotte then baked a fine color, turned ont and served with whipped cream.

APPLE CHUTNEY—A pint and a half of vinegar, two ounces of whole ginger bruised, one ounce of chillies, one ounce of mustard seed, two ounces of salt, twelve ounces of sugar, boiled slowly for forty-five minutes, then strained through a hair sieve; when cooled the vinegar thus flavored put on again with a large onion minced, one and one-half ounces of minced shallots, two ounces of sultana raisins, and two and one-half pounds of peeled and sliced apples, the whole boiled till apples are pulpy, then placed into stone jars and tied down with skin.

APPLE CREAM—Sweet apple sauce, containing a little butter and whipped whites of egg.

APPLE CROQUETTES—Thick apple marmalade containing soft breadcrumbs and egg yolks baked till set. When cold, cut in strips two inches long and one inch thick, breaded, fried, and served with orange sauce.

APPLE CUSTARD—Apple marmalade mixed with beaten eggs and cream, poured into a pan or dish, and baked till set.

APPLE DUMPLINGS—Cored and peeled apples enclosed in pie paste, baked, boiled or steamed till done, served with a sauce or with Cream.

APPLE FLOAT—Cream sweetened and flavored with nutmeg poured in a dish or pan; apple marmalade containing whipped whites of egg, poured in the centre; baked till set.

APPLE FRITTERS—Slices of cored apples, dipped in batter and fried till done; served with a syrup or wine sauce.

APPLE PIE—Thin slices of apples, sweetened and spiced, enclosed between an upper and lower crust of pie paste; baked till done.

APPLE ICE—Apple marmalade flavored with orange juice, thinned with water, sweetened to taste, poured into a freezer and froze.

APPLE CUSTARD PIE—A pie dish lined with puff paste, filled with apple marmalade mixed with cream and yolks of eggs; baked till set.

APPLE CUSTARD FRITTERS—Apple marmalade mixed with custard, baked till set; when cooled, cut in slices, breaded, fried and served with a sauce.

APPLES, PORTUGESE STYLE—Firm apples cored, peeled and simmered in a thin syrup till barely done, taken out, drained, the core hole filled with apricot jam, placed on a dish, the syrup then reduced to a glaze, and poured over them.

APPLE MERINGUE—Apple pulp in a dish, a layer of fruit marmalade spread on it, whipped whites of egg and sugar, tastefully spread over all, then placed in oven till of a light fawn color.

APPLE TART—A pie plate lined with puff paste with a raised fancy edge to it; filled two-thirds full with apple marmalade and baked; when done, filled up with a boiled custard, the interior edge piped round with meringue, also a fancy centre; returned to oven till of a fawn color.

APPLE SOUP—Minced cooking apples, grated breadcrumbs, and water each one part, a piece of lemon rind and a flavoring of cinnamon, boiled till thoroughly done, the whole then passed through a fine strainer, and enough white wine added to form a soup consistency.

APPLE PANCAKES--Minced apples worked into an ordinary wheat pancake mixture, the pancakes baked in the usual way, and served with butter and sugar.

APPLE SHORTCAKE—Two layers of cooked shortpaste spread between with apple marmalade, the top ornamented with whipped cream; served with sweetened and flavored cream.

APPLE COMPOTE—Cored and pared apples simmered in a boiling syrup till thoroughly done, remaining whole.

APPLE ROLY POLY—A biscuit dough containing a little sugar, rolled out thin, spread with minced apples, seasoned with grated lemon rind, cinnamon, or ground cloves according to taste, rolled up, the ends tucked in, tied in a cloth for boiling (in a mold for steaming) (in a pan for baking); served with a sauce, or with sweetened cream.

APPLES FRIED—Good firm apples, peeled, cored, cut in slices half an inch thick, then dipped in milk, rolled in flour, and fried in very hot lard.

APPLE JOHNNY CAKE—Slices of peeled and cored apples in a buttered baking dish, sweetened and flavored, a pancake batter poured over them; baked till done and served with or without currant jelly.

APPLE MARMALADE—Sweetened apple sauce boiled down till thick enough to cling to a spoon.

APPLE PUDDING—Basins or molds lined with a suet crust, filled with slices of apples, sweetened and flavored to taste, top crust put on, the basin tied over with a cloth, or mold cover placed on and tied, boiled rapidly till done.

APPLE PUFFS—Minced apples fried a little so as not to break, flavored with cinnamon and sugar, placed on squares of puff paste, the edges brought to a top centre and pinched together, brushed over with beaten egg and baked.

APPLE COBBLER—A pan one and a half inches deep lined with a pie paste, filled with apple marmalade, top crust put on, baked and glazed, served with sweetened and flavored cream, or with whipped cream.

APPLE TIMBALE—A timbale mold lined with strips of short paste, filled with apple marmalade, covered with a crust, baked or steamed till paste is set, turned out, served with apricot sauce, and garnished with preserved cherries.

APPLES GLAZED—Cored and peeled apples of an even size simmered in lemon syrup till just done, taken out, placed on a dish, the syrup reduced till thick, then poured over the apples; when cooled, decorated with angelica and cherries.

APPLE FLORENTINE—Apples cored and simmered till half done, in syrup, taken out, drained, the core hole filled with sweeten rice, the outside coated with a vanilla flavor chestnut Purée; made hot again in oven an served with a sprinkling of chopped pistachi nuts.

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