ANCHOVIES - Dishes, Types and Definitions

ANCHOVIES—The Dutch are always cleaned of their scales. The French are not, and are larger. Anchovy paste bought on the markets is often adulterated with red-ochre and Venitian red.

ANCHOVY CANAPES—Slices of fried bread, one-quatter inch thick, spread with anchovy paste or butter, a filleted anchovy on top, the edges decorated with minced whites of hard boiled egg.

ANCHOVY AIGRETTES—Filleted anchovies washed, then laid for three hours in a pickle of olive oil, vinegar and red pepper; taken up, drained, dipped in batter and fried a light color in very hot fat; served garnished with lobster coral and sprigs of parsley.

ANCHOVY TOAST—Slices of toast spread with a mixture made of three-fifths essence of anchovies, one-fifth grated Parmesan cheese, and one-fifth minced filleted anchovies and chopped parsley.

ANCHOVY ALUMETTES—Preserved anchovies in oil, drained, rolled in very thin pie paste, fried; served garnished with fried parsley.

ANCHOVY FRITTERS — Filleted anchovies coiled up, dipped in batter and fried a light color in hot fat; served garnished with fried parsley.

ANCHOVY TARTINES--Circles of brown bread spread with anchovy paste, decorated with thinly sliced gherkins alternately with white of hard boiled egg.

ANCHOVY BASKETS—Hard boiled eggs, part of the white cut away to form an oval basket, yolks removed and pounded to a paste with anchovy essence, seasoned with lemon juice and cayenne pepper, colored lightly with carmine or cochineal, baskets refilled; served garnished with watercress.

ANCHOVY CROUTONS—A paste of three-fifths anchovy essence, one-fifth grated cheese snd one-fifth melted butter and lemon juice, the paste spread on fancy cut slices of fried bread; served with a coiled anchovy on top.

ANCHOVY SANDWICH—Thin slices of bread cut into shape of circles, spread with the preceding mixture, and filleted anchovies laid between.

ANCHOVIES WITH OLIVES—Anchovy toast garnished with slices of stuffed olives.

ANCHOVY CANAPES, BERNE — Triangle shaped pieces of fried bread, spread with anchovy paste or butter, the edges garnished with minced whites of hard boiled eggs, minced yolks, and minced green pickles, with a stuffed olive in the center.

ANCHOVY BUTTER—Two parts of butter to one part of anchovy essence, a little grated Parmesan cheese and nutmeg, thoroughly mixed together.

ANCHOVY PASTE—Anchovies filleted, the fillets rubbed through a fine sieve, the head and bones boiled with a little water and thickened with flour, strained into the paste obtained from the rubbing, mixed; when cooled, a little cochineal, walnut catsup, and vinegar added to give the required color and consistency.

ANCHOVY SAUCE—Anchovy paste or butter worked into a rich brown sauce, or some pounded filleted anchovies, or anchovy essence, lemon juice and cayenne pepper worked into a cream or butter sauce.

ANCHOVY CREAM—Anchovy paste worked into a butter sauce, and finished with whipped cream.

ANCHOVY STUFFING— Used very often for stuffing olives and small game birds. On cupful of breadcrumbs squeezed out of milk, one tablespoonful of minced fried onions, four minced fillets of anchovies, one teaspoonful each of minced capers and chopped parsley, th whole mixed; if used for stuffing birds, add th birds liver minced.

ANCHOVIES POTTED—Anchovy fillets pound- ed and rubbed through a sieve, mixed with ground allspice and cayenne pepper to taste, placed into small jars, pressed down, and one eighth of an inch of melted lard poured over the top, to seal the contents.

ANCHOVY SALAD—Shredded fillets of salted anchovies garnished with small white pickled onions, capers and hard boiled eggs; tarragon vinegar sprinkled over the anchovies. Also shredded lettuce and shredded anchovies, a few minced shallots, all mixed together dry, the sprinkled with equal parts of olive oil and caper vinegar beaten together.

ANCHOVY CATSUP—Anchovies, onions, whole cloves, mace, peppers and ginger, sugar and old ale, brought to a quick boil, then slowly simmered till done, strained through a hair sieve, cooled, walnut catsup added; bottled for use.

ANCHOVY FRITTERS—Thin flour pancakes spread with chicken forcemeat, cut in strips twice the size of anchovy fillet, which is laid on one-half of the strip, the other half folded over, then breaded and fried; served garnished with fried parsley.

ANCHOVY OMELET—Beaten eggs seasoned with salt, pepper and chopped parsley, made into an omelet, the center enclosing some cooked fillets of anchovies; served with equal ',arts of tomato and espagnole sauces mixed together.

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