ALCOHOL - Defined

ALCOHOL—A colorless liquid obtained from fermenting sugar; is found in all wines and spirits and is the intoxicating quality of them. It is largely used in making flavoring extracts, by diluting the oil of the flavor required with the alcohol. Wood alcohol obtained at any drug store is the best and cleanest material to be used in singeing poultry and game.

Alcohol in Flavoring Extracts

The alcohol best suited for the manufacture of flavoring extracts is what is known as true deodorized or Cologne spirit, or alcohol free from fusel oil. A mixture of 10 cubic centimeters of alcohol and 0.2 cubic centimeter of potash lye evaporated down to one cubic centimeter should not give any odor of fusel oil after supersaturation with dilute sulphuric acid. Deodorized alcohol should not possess a foreign odor and should mix with water without becoming turbid.

Standards for Flavoring Extracts

Standards for the flavoring extracts most commonly used have been adopted by the Legislature. Since that time many products have appeared on the market labeled “One-half Standard Strength,” “Three-quarters Standard Strength.” etc.

This department from this time forth will discourage and oppose the manufacture and sale of any such products.

The expense in producing an extract is largely in the amount of alcohol required for the solution of the oil. and as the alcohol is not decreased in proportion to the flavoring ingredient when manufacturing these fractional standard extracts, the consumer is paying considerably more for the amount of flavor he receives.

He is also purchasing the bottle and carton and paying the manufacturers and dealers’ profits.

We have found that the prime object of manufacturing these fractional standards has been for the purpose of selling an extract weak in flavoring value but yet containing a large amount of alcohol for use as a beverage in the prohibition or so-called "dry” counties of the State.

Vanilla is used almost entirelv for its flavoring value, but if the same is consumed in quantities, as by drinking the weak vanilla extract, severe consequences are almost sure to follow, as vanilla is a poisonous substance.

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