The Miracle of Modern Photography - D. W. Griffith

Front Cover, Motion Pictures, The Mentor Magazine, July 1921

July 1, 1921
Vol. 9 No. 6
W. D. MOFFAT, Editor
RUTH W. THOMPSON, Assistant Editor
Published monthly by The Crowell Publishing Company, 381 Fourth Ave., New York, NY

Special Issue of the Mentor provides in-depth coverage of Motion Pictures, The Miracle of Modern Photography - a glimpse into the beginings of film making in the early 1920s.

Table of Contents

  1. An Historic Moment In Motion Pictures
    D. W. Griffith
  2. The Miracle of Modern Photography By D. W. Griffith
    1. Introduction To Motion Pictures
    2. Vision The Primal Function
    3. Science and Invention
    4. The First "Movie Show"
    5. The Editing Process
  3. In And About The Studio
  4. The Author And Motion Pictures
  5. In The Land Of Make Believe
  6. The Scenic Background
    By Hugo Ballin
  7. Scenery That Acts
  8. Dramatist And The Photoplay
    By Henry Arthur Jones
  9. Fiction Writers and Scenarios
    By Rupert Hughes
  10. The Author And The Film
    By Rex Beach
  11. The Camera As A Reporter
    By Herbert E. Hancock
  12. Making The Program
    By S. L. Rothafel
  13. "Films Beat Books," Says Edison
  14. "Give Me Liberty or Death!"
  15. A Picture That Stirred A Nation - Spirit of '76
  16. History of the American Rocking Chair
  17. Last Words Of Famous People
  18. The Open Letter on Screen Motion Pictures
    By W. D. Moffat, Editor
  19. Odds and Ends - Graflex Camera

Finn Haakon Froelich, Sculptor

Finn Haakon Froelich, an eminent Western sculptor, modeling one of the decorations used in a mammoth film spectacle. This is an example of how artists are called in to beautify and dignify motion pictures.

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