Odds and Ends - Graflex Camera from the Kodak Company - 1921

A Scene from a Football Game from a Graflex Negative


The camera that does the difficult things in photography and does them well.
And it is not merely in speed work that the Graflex excels. For pictures in and about the home it is a distinctively superior instrument.

The focal plane shutters and high speed lenses make " snap-shots " possible under conditions where only time exposures could be made with a camera of any other type, while, by the Graflex reflecting principle, the picture to be made is seen right side up and of full size, up to the very instant of exposure.

There are now several Graflex models that use Kodak film cartridges. They are compact; are simple to operate; are convenient for the making of just everyday pictures, but yet have the reserve power to do the difficult things and do them well.
Graflex catalog free at your Kodak dealer's or by mail.

Folmer & Schwing Department ROCHESTER, N. Y.

Source: THE MENTOR, Volume 9, Number 6, July 1, 1921, Page 41

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