In The Land of Make Believe - The Miracle of Modern Photography

Landscapes are changed and historic buildings reconstructed. Scotch Thrums comes to life on the meadows of Long Island; King Arthur's towers rise among the brown hills of California. Gigantic walls make a towering background for a Babylonian pageant.

Recreation of Barrie's Village of Thrums

Barrie's village of Thrums was recreated near Elmhurst, Long Island, for the film play based on the Scotch author's books about. "Sentimental Tommy," recently released.

Perfect Facsimile of Kirriemuir

The director's parents, who had lived near Kirriemuir (the original of Thrums), pronounced this a perfect facsimile of the illustrious village across the sea (Above)

Reproduction of King Arthur's Castle at Camelot

King Arthur's Castle at Camelot and the Halls of the Round Table Knights were reproduced in the film version of Mark Twain's "Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court"

The Lusitania realistically copied in lath and plaster

From Behind the Motion Picture Screen," Scientific American Pub. Co.

In a' picture play that featured the haunting tragedy of the Lusitania, the upper part of the fated ship was realistically copied in lath and plaster.

A City in Miniture - Model City

This is a model city, just half as high as an electric fan. (Look over to the right and you will see the fan.) On the screen the buildings were made to appear full size.

The Georgeous Set of the film "Intolerance"

This gorgeous "set," erected for the Griffith spectacle, "Intolerance," established new standards in motion picture architecture (Above)

Source: THE MENTOR, Volume 9, Number 6, July 1, 1921, Pages 20-21

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