Entertainment Program, SS California of the Anchor Line, 27 February 1931

Front Cover, Entertainment Program, SS California of the Anchor Line, 27 February 1931

Ornate Covers provide an entrance to a unique show program, likely similar to vaudeville that played out on the SS California of the Anchor Line, presented by National Tours.

(Not Too Seriously)

“The California Follies”
A Musical Revue

One Act and Fifteen Follies
Staged by Stanley Adams Orchestra
under the direction of Kal Katz
Friday, February 27, 1931


The California Follies

  • FOLLY 1. Overture Orchestra
  • FOLLY 2. Don’t Hold Everything
    Stan Adams, Adeline Bendon, Minor and Root, and Ensemble
  • FOLLY 3. Jack and Jill
    Bill Burns and Ensemble
  • FOLLY 4. Songs
    Karol Kane
  • FOLLY 5. On the High C’s
    Bill Burns and Ivy Scott
  • FOLLY 6. Some Tenor, Hey Kid?
  • FOLLY 7. She’s Got Rhythm !
    Marilyn Millan
  • FOLLY 8. Za-Za
    J. Woodman Babbit
  • FOLLY 9. Beyond the Blue Horizon
    Ivy Scott
  • FOLLY 10. Waltz Interpretation
    Minor and Root
  • FOLLY 11. A Minute or Two
    Stan. Adams
  • FOLLY 12 My Man
    Ethel Littel
  • FOLLY 13 Whoops, Dearie
    Leading Lady, Karol Kane
    Leading Man, Stan. Adams
    Director, Bill Burns
  • FOLLY 14 Young McCormick
    Charles Bogul
  • FOLLY 15 Hittin’ the Bottle
    Adeline Bendon, Stan Adams and Ensemble

The California Follies

Ladies of the Ensemble—Ivy Scott, Anne Rozin, Lucille Grimm, Gloria Rozin, Rose Felt, Agnes Donahue, Anne Sheridan, Marion Weinberger, Joan Sohmer, and Syd Barach

Costumes by Brooks

Props thru courtesy of Chief Steward Woodrow

Next Week—“ East Lynne.”

Should there be a collection taken (and there wont be) this theatre can be emptied in three minutes.

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